This is a detailed Help Page. Read it carefully. When you finish reading click on BACK TO DOWNLOAD PAGE link at the bottom of this page. Thank You. 

The first, and best way to download books is by using PDF Files. With PDF Files, you can click on the PDF FILE below the book title. When you do, the book will open up in your Adobe Reader. There you can read the book on-line if you wish. We suggest that you use the Adobe Reader file menu to save the book to your computer for reading off-line. You can always delete the book from your computer anytime you wish.

The PDF Files are the best, because with them all you need is your printer connected to your computer to print them out, ready to put in a note book for reading. The pages are already set up with Bold Print, Italics, Indentation, Paragraphs and Page Numbers. All printing can be done using your Adobe Reader, from your computer.

The second way is to click on the picture of the Book Cover. This will open up the book in an HTML File on your computer. You can read the book on-line, or click on your File Menu and save it to your computer in your Save As menu. Once you have saved it to your computer you can read it off-line, using your Widows Explorer. If you have a good Word Processor Program on your computer, you should be able to bring it in and convert it from an HTML file to a file for your Word Processor to print it out.   

A third way is to click on the title of the book below the picture of the cover. This will open a menu for you to download the book as a  ZIP file. Once you have it downloaded  to your computer, you will need to un-zip the file so you can open it in your Word Processor. Zip files are smaller in size and will take less time to download to your computer. If your connection or computer are slow, Zip files may be better for you. Otherwise, we think PDF files are the best and HTML files are second best.

Additional Information on Downloading Free Books

Copy Written Books To enable you to print these book out on your printer, you must have permission to do so. Therefore, before you can download these books you must fill in the necessary information on a Permission Form, which will come up when you click on FREE BOOKS or go to the FREE BOOK page.  Please read the agreement, then fill in the necessary information. Once you have filled in the necessary information you can click on the SUBMIT TO HANDS FOR JESUS bar on the bottom of the form. This will open the Free Book download page for you. You can download all the books on this page without going back to the Permission Form page a second time. 

Step by Step Help for Those Who are Using Internet Explorer

Downloading PDF Files  1.To open a PDF file, click on the words PDF File below the book you wish to download. (The book will open on your screen. You can read it there and also print it from there if you like).  2. You can click on the word File in the upper left corner of you screen and then click on Save As to save a copy to your hard drive. 3. After you have saved a copy to your hard drive, click on the Green Back Arrow to go back to the download page for another book to download. (Do not go to File menu and Close, or you will need to go back to the FREE BOOK page and the Permission Form to get back to the download page for another book). 4. you can download one copy of each book to your hard drive before leaving the download page.

 You must have a PDF Reader installed on Your Computer in order to download these PDF Files. If you don't have one, you can download a FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the following link. and go to the Download page, and choose the Free Adobe Reader.  (Please note: after downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader you may need to go back to this Web site to download PDF Files).

Downloading HTML Files  1. Click on the picture of the book cover you wish to download. (The Book will open on your screen in an HTML format). 2. To download, click on the File menu (upper left hand corner of your screen) and choose Save As. Find a place on your hard drive where you want to save these books. 3. When you finish downloading the book, go back to File and then choose Close. You can also close the page by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of your Internet Explorer. This should return you to the download page to download the next book you choose.

Downloading ZIP Files  1. Click on the title of the book below the picture of the book you wish to download. A menu will open up, asking you to either Open, Save, or Cancel. Choose Save. 2. A menu opens to choose where you want to save your Zip file of the book you selected. Once you have selected a place on your hard drive, then choose Save to download the book to that location. 3. When you finish downloading one book you should automatically go back to the download page to select another book to download. (You can download one copy of each book in the Zip format without going back to the FREE BOOKS Permission Page).

You will need a Zip file utility on your computer to open up the Zip files. If you do not have a Zip utility, you can download a Free Trial version of WinZip at You can use this Free Trail version to Un-Zip your book you downloaded. But, if you wish to keep a working copy of WinZip you must purchase it within a short time. It's a good program and well worth the money.