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"To God be the Glory, for the Great Things He has done!"

"It is All About Jesus,

He is the LORD of Lords, and King of kings."

"It's not me, it's not you. It's all about Jesus."

If you are a Christian, you should be experiencing the same kinds of operations of God in your life as those written in this Book. If God is active in your life, there should be evidence in what God is doing in you, and through you.

This Book contains only a small number of testimonies of what God "can and will do" in the life of a Christian who desires to do the will of God. This is only Part 1 of this series of Books written to give God the Glory, and encourage others to establish as living working relationship and fellowship with God that will continue on throughout eternity. Keep looking for many other parts of this series of Books. They will help you and encourage you to walk and talk with God everyday of your life.

God is Real, and God desires to express Himself through those who love Him and continue in fellowship with Him. God is a personal God, and indwells in the spirits of everyone who is Born Again, in Christ Jesus.

Open up your heart and your mind, to receive from God all that is necessary for you to fulfil the call of God on your life. Do not be held back by those who talk about God and talk about the Word of God, but do not have testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. In Revelation 12:11 it says, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." You should also overcome by "The Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony."

As you read the testimonies in this and other Parts of this series of Books, learn to put the LORD first in your life, and live everyday for Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.



May, 1981 "send____one hundred dollars"

Called to Ministry, June, 1982

Praying for Arms, June 24, 1982

Sheet Rock in Front of Vehicle, January 1999

Refinance of House, February, 1999

Called Norvel Hayes Book, April 20, 1999

Growth on My Finger:

Broken Toe, June 1981

Faith at Work, Baptist, Church 1979

Jim Hurt His Back:

Jim in Car Accident:

Heart Attack, May 2002

Joyce J. Fracture, Feb. 2002

Door Bell, August 2003

Angels Repair Books July 3 & 4th 2003

Two Angels Appear August 19, 2003

Healing from Virus Oct. 6, 2003

The Inward Man & the Outward Man, January 15, 2004

Driving to and from Tulsa 1982-83

Laying Hands on TV's 1982

Rick B., Finances January 15, 2004

Sore Toe, May of 2004

Bleeding Ear, July 2004

Soreness in Chest, Prayer August 2004

Sliver Under Finger July 2005

From My Spirit, July 2005

Ear Bleeding 2006

Pain in Lower Back March 6, 2006

Lower Back Pain, April 2006

Pulled Upper Back, May 2006

Healing of Stiff Leg and Pain

Blood in Toilet, October 2004

In a Dream, "all things are mine."Dec. 27, 2005

Debbie healed Car Accident

Pain from Teeth Being Pulled 1989

Deanne Car Accident 1984

Deaf Ear 2006

Van Accident 1992

Printing Press 2007

Thermostat, Driving to Tulsa

Used Plymouth Voyager, 1991

Typewriter Repair 1980

Screwdriver December 2007

Stolen Money, 1983

Heart Condition, April 2008

Baptism in the Holy Spirit, April 1998

Debbie's Car Stolen

Joyce & Terry, November 16, 2008

Sandy's Car Stolen December 19, 2008

Jim S., Cardiac Arrhythmia

Driving, Went Through Red Light

Voice from Heaven 1979

Auto Engine/Battery Failure

Joyce J. Tooth

Spiritual Attack Apr. 2009

Water Dripping Sept. 17.2009

My GOD is Real

My God is Real


May, 1981

In 1981, just after I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues was I in need of finances. I was in the television repair business and it was the last week in May. On Tuesday, the day following Memorial Day, I was watching television at noon. There was an evangelist on telling about a situation where he needed one hundred thousand dollars to finish a project.

All of a sudden from my spirit I heard "send ____ one hundred dollars"! It wasn't an audible voice, but it was the same as if it was. I knew I needed about three thousand dollars by the fifteenth of June and didn't have anywhere near that amount. I said, "LORD, I don't have one hundred dollars to spare."

The next day, about noon, from my spirit came these same words, "send ____ one hundred dollars"! I said, "LORD, I don't have one hundred dollars to send, I need three thousand dollars by the fifteenth of June, if I had it, You know I would send it." After I said that, I began to check all the money I had. I totaled everything up, my home money, my personal checking account, my shop checking account, and my shop cash. I had about six hundred dollars total.

Again, on Thursday about noon, from my spirit came these same words, "send ____ one hundred dollars"! This time I answered, "LORD, I'll send the money, but You will have to take care of the three thousand dollars I need by the fifteenth of June." I wrote out the check and went to the corner mail box and mailed it. When I was entering the door to the shop the telephone was ringing. I got one phone call after another for service work.

I started working long hours every day, trying to get all the jobs done on time. By the fifteenth of June I had over three thousand dollars. By the first of July I had another one thousand dollars, and by the end of July I took in about five thousand dollars more than any year previous during those three months.

Called to Ministry, June, 1982

I was already born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. I was having teachings in my house with about seven to ten people attending. A Christian friend of mine told me about an evangelist that was having great meetings, where people were being healed of all sorts of sicknesses and diseases. Many were in wheelchairs for many years, and were healed completely, and no longer needed their wheelchairs.

I was still young in the things of the Spirit of God and got very interested in what was happening. I was told that the evangelist was having a meeting on a Saturday evening about three hundred and seventy-five miles from Milwaukee. I mentioned it to those at the meetings at my house. Besides myself and my two sons, there were three others that wanted to go to one of those meetings on a Saturday evening.

Six of us left on a Saturday morning, in my van to go to a meeting on that evening. We arrived in that city about 6:00 P.M. and the meeting started at 7:00 P.M. By the time we got there, the place was already filling up, and we didn't stop to say anything to anyone. We just walked in and sat down. That evening we saw many people healed of all sorts of sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities.

At the close of the meeting the evangelist announced that he was going to be back there on Sunday morning if anyone wanted to come back the next morning. Everyone with me decided they wanted to stay over night and come back the next morning. So, we rented two motel rooms and all six of us stayed over night.

The next morning we went to the service without telling anyone we were going, or letting anyone know we were there. We just walked in and sat down in about the middle of the auditorium. As far as we knew, no one else knew we were there.

At about the middle of the service, the evangelist looked toward me and said, "There is somebody right in here (pointing toward me), you have a ministry. You're involved in a business of some type around a lot of electronics and tubes." He then said, "But you have a ministry also, and you have been praying for God to open the doors for your ministry part of your life. I want to say 'Merle.'" Pointing toward me, he said, "Is there anybody right in here named Merle?" I knew within myself he was talking to me, so I stood up. He then said, "Brother Merle, I want you to walk up here. God is going to let you start your ministry by laying hands on this man" (another person who came up to receive healing from a tumor on his stomach). Then he asked me, "Brother Merle, have I ever talked to you before?" I answered, "No, you haven't." Then he asked, "Do you work around a lot of electronics and tubes and wires and so forth?" I answered, "Yes, I've been in the Television business for 12 years." He asked, "Is this your first time here?" I answered, "Yes it is."

Following that, the evangelist said, "Brother Merle, God says as long as you live, you are going to speak the words of Spirit and life. Your ministry is just starting. The word of wisdom, gift of knowledge, and discerning of spirits."

Then he had me lay my hand upon the stomach of the person who came for healing of a tumor. He also laid his hand upon the man. As he prayed the tumor left. The man then felt his stomach and the tumor was gone.

As I walked back to my seat (I was about thirty feet from the evangelist and about thirty feet from my seat), I heard the audible voice of God, saying, "And out of your hands shall flow the power of healing as you lay them upon the sick."

When I got back to my seat, all of the others who were with me had heard the same voice, saying the same thing. Some of them got so excited that one of them bought a copy of the tape of that service. It also bought two copies of the cassette tape of that meeting, just to listen to the "audible voice" that we heard as I was coming back. But, the voice was not on the cassette tape. While we were hearing the audible voice, the evangelist was speaking to another person. Only his voice was on the cassette tape. Yet, the audible voice was loud enough that all those who were with me (sitting thirty feet from where I was), heard the same voice and the same words I heard.

All of this happened to me, just like God brought Saul to Samuel to be anointed. I had no idea of what God was going to do that Sunday morning. I had no idea that God was involved in us going to that meeting. All I knew was that, I had a desire to go and others wanted to go with me.

Praying for Arms, June 24, 1982

On June 24, 1982 I was at a meeting with a number of others studying from a video tape, "the laying on of hands to heal the sick."

During the tape it was mentioned how to check arms to see if they are the right length or not. One of the people at the meeting checked her arms right away and found that one arm was shorter than the other by about three-quarters of an inch. She asked to stop the tape so we could pray for the LORD to bring out her arm to the same length as the other one. We waited until the tape was over and then we checked everyone's arms for proper length. There was one other person who's one arm was shorter than the other also.

We checked their arms every way we could to be sure one was shorter; that it was not just the way they were standing. After being sure, they asked me to pray with them that their arms would come out to the right length.

When they asked me to pray with them, in my mind I felt they were foolish, after all, there was a Pastor there who I was sure could do a better job of praying than I could. I said to them, what about the Pastor here, why not let him pray, he knows what to do? But they insisted that I pray for them.

In my mind I was saying "you people are foolish, if I pray nothing will happen." I thought there was no way with me praying that those arms would come out. After all, the Bible says "these signs shall follow them that believe" (Mark 16:16,17). To me, that meant I must believe it in my mind and be totally convinced that they would actually come out when I prayed in order for them to come out. Yet, I was one hundred percent positive in my mind that they would not come out. I never prayed for physical healing for anyone before this and I was sure this would not work if I did the praying.

I didn't tell them I was sure it would not work. After all, I was supposed to be a believer like the rest of them. I had read what it said in Mark 16:17. I knew Jesus would not lie, yet I was afraid to tell them it would not work. So I didn't say anything to them about me not believing in my mind.

I put my hands under the woman's hands as she stretched out her arms toward me, and I started to pray in the Spirit first. Then, after a minute or so of praying in the Spirit I was still sure beyond all doubt that it would not work, but I had to continue on. I went that far so I had to keep going. I said, "In the name of Jesus, I command these arms to come out to the same length, in Jesus' name." It wasn't easy to say those words especially when in my mind I knew it wasn't going to work.

Oh! what a surprise when I watched the short arm come out to the length of the other arm. In my mind I was saying, this cannot be, it can not be true. Yet, it came out right in front of me. I was standing there watching it come out.

Then the man came to have me pray for him. This time I checked his arms first, a little closer, making sure, beyond all doubt, that they were not the same length; that one was shorter than the other. Now I had no choice, I had to pray for his arm being he had just seen the woman's arm come out. I was on the spot, I couldn't tell him that it would not work, even though I was sure it would not happen a second time, maybe once, but never twice. Again I was one hundred percent sure nothing was going to happen. I would pray and they would stay the same, I was sure of that, yet I had to pray for him. I was on the spot with no other choice but to pray like I did for the woman.

Once again I prayed, holding my hands under his, I prayed in the Spirit first for about a minute or so; still not believing it would work, I said, "In the name of Jesus I command these arms to come out to the right length, in Jesus' name." Just like the woman's arm, his also came out to the same length as the other one. Praise the LORD! Thank the LORD!

The LORD answered the prayer, not according to my mind but according to His Word, which was in my heart and their heart. Their believing, and my praying, caused the LORD to be faithful to His Word. The point to remember is, "We must ask!"

Whose prayer did the LORD answer, their's or mine? Who knows? But one things is sure, if no one had asked, the LORD would not have responded and lengthened their arms. The LORD answers every prayer from our heart, don't let your mind get in the way, and not pray.

How can we know that God will answer our prayer when we pray? If we study the Bible from Genesis through Revelation we will find that God never changes (Mal. 3:6), there is not even a shadow of turning with God (James 1:17). Whatever God said He would do in His Word He will do. God is not a respecter of persons; that is, He doesn't offer to do something for one person that He would not do for another based upon the same type of situation. By this we mean, if God did something for the apostles, or disciples in the New Testament He will do the same for you or I because we are also under the same covenant they were.

Sheet Rock in Front of Vehicle, January 1999

While driving to Iowa, it was raining and some snow flurries. On Interstate Highway 80, just west of the Quad Cities: I was following a semi-trailer in the left lane as it was passing another semi-trailer. I was about 50 yards behind the semi in front of me, when all of a sudden a sheet of sheet-rock came swinging around the back of the semi-trailer from the left side. The sheet of sheet-rock was on edge (four feet high and eight feet wide). It came right in front of me like a wall. I did not put on the brakes. I did not turn one way or the other. I didn't even let up on the gas. My vehicle hit the sheet of sheet-rock right in the center and smashed it into pieces. Every bit of the sheet rock went down under my vehicle. Not one part come up over the hood. As I looked into my rear-view mirror I saw pieces of sheet-rock flying to the left and to the right, and the center part tumbling down the road directly behind my vehicle.

Was it the devil trying to cause damage to my vehicle, or even trying to cause harm to my wife and I? We don't know. Was it the angels who forced the sheet-rock under my vehicle, that no part hit the windshield, and no damage to my vehicle? We don't know. But one thing we do know, the LORD and the angels are watching over us to keep us from harm and danger. Praise the LORD!

Refinance of House, February, 1999

I was in the process of refinancing my house. The mortgage company that had our first mortgage had given us some problems over the time we had the mortgage. I called them, asking them how much prepayment penalty I would have to pay if I paid off the loan. They said the prepayment would be about 4% of the total loan. But they told me they could not give out the amount unless I would pay them $10.00 for a pay-off statement (which they would issue). So I to l told them to send me a pay-off statement by Fax (which was another $10.00), to my home.

When I received the pay-off statement they had a pre-payment penalty of $2,129.34. I remembered that when I got the loan I was told the pre-payment penalty would be sixty-days interest at the rate of interest of the original loan, applied to the balance at the time of pay-off. That would have been less than $800.

I read over the pre-payment penalty part of my loan papers and that is what it said the way I read it. I took the papers to the Loan Company that was going to pay-off the loan for me, and give me another loan at over 4% less interest. When the loan officer read the papers I had, he agreed, it looked to him as it should be only sixty-days interest for pre-payment. He then suggested that he first have an attorney read the papers. After the attorney read the papers, he also agreed that it said sixty-days interest for pre-payment.

The loan officer then called the company which issued the pay-off statement and tried to explain to them that our papers said only sixty-days interest. They would not agree with him, and asked him to send them copies of the papers we had. After sending them copies by Fax, they put him on hold and he finely gave up waiting. He called me, and asked if I would call them to try to get them to read the contract I signed and change the prepayment penalty to only sixty-days interest.

When I finely got to speak to the person who was in charge of making out the pay-off statement, she insisted that the prepayment penalty was 20% of the total balance. This is not what I was told before, and it did not agree with my papers. I asked her to re-read the papers I signed. She then asked me to fax her a copy of the papers I had. She already had a copy from the loan officer earlier that day. But I sent her another copy of the same papers by fax. At first, it seemed there was some deliberate opposition to sending the fax, for their phone would ring and ring and ring and no response from their fax machine. I tried five or six times, but could not get their fax machine to receive the fax.

I called back to the person in charge and left a message on her answering service that the fax machine was not taking my fax. About an hour later I tried again, and this time the fax did go through. I waited about an half-hour, then I called her again, and left a message on her answering service, mentioning that the fax did go through and asked if she would please call me back.

All throughout this operation, thoughts kept coming to my mind, get a lawyer, let him talk to them; or get a lawyer who may even go to the federal institution over loan companies and request an investigation of this company, they could be getting away with this kind of operation with others as well. All kinds of thoughts came to my mind, to get others involved and cause problems for them through the court system. But, that is not the way Christians should handle these problems for "our weapons are not carnel, but mighty through God..." I waited about one-half hour after leaving the last message on her answering service; then within me, I knew what I should have done long ago. I stopped doing what I was doing at the time and prayed "Father, I ask You in Jesus' name to show these people that the prepayment penalty is only sixty-days interest, and I thank You for it. Amen." The thought keep coming to my mind, that will not work, they still will not agree. All kinds of thoughts came to my mind. But, in less than 15 minutes the phone rang and it was the woman from the loan company. She said, "We found our mistake, and the prepayment penalty is only sixty-days interest. I will send out another pay-off statement to the bank by fax for you." I thanked her for what she did for me. I should have prayed long before that and it would not have taken so long to resolve the situation. Prayer works better than anything we can do in the natural. God always answers prayer when it is in accordance with His Word.

Called Norvel Hayes Book, April 20, 1999

Possible Satanic operation:

In the morning I called Norvel Hayes Book & Tape Production and I was told to call (423)-479-1018 to order video tapes. I called (423) 479-1018 and heard an answering machine which indicated that it was a private residence. I called back to the first number and again asked if they had given a wrong number. She repeated the number (423) 479-1018. Later in the afternoon I again called that number and a woman answered, it was a private residence and had no connection with Norvel Hayes Ministries. Then later again I called (423) 476-1018, this time a got a different person that answered the phone, they placed my order, based upon the previous orders.

Growth on My Finger:

There was a time that I had a growth on my finger. It was there and growing for about two weeks. One day, I was praying in the Spirit, while driving down the road, and out of my spirit came these words, "Why don't you curse the roots on that growth and command it to die and fall off"? I immediately cursed the roots in Jesus' name and commanded them to die and the growth to fall off.

It seemed as though nothing happened when I prayed. The growth was still there. I couldn't see any change. For weeks I continued to change the band-aid I had been putting on it to protect it. One thing I noticed after a week or so, was that it wasn't getting any larger. It stayed about the same size.

About a month later, as I was changing the band-aid, the growth fell off. It come off with the band-aid when I removed it to put on a new one. The words I spoke that day while driving down the road caused the growth to die. It did fall off after about a month. There was not even a mark where it had been.

Broken Toe, June 1981

There was a time when I broke my toe on a Saturday afternoon in a downtown apartment building. I drove home, took off my shoe and saw the swelling, the black and blue coloring of my foot. I felt the pain. When this happened my mind began to receive thoughts from the devil. I knew it was broken. I had experienced a broken bone in my body years ago. The pain of a broken bone is different than that of a sprain or torn ligament.

The thought came to me, "I had better go to the hospital and get it x-rayed, to be sure the bone was in the right place." The second thought that went through my head was, "when I do that the doctor will cut out the front of my shoe and put a bandage on my toe, and I will go around like that for about six weeks." Then the Spirit of God rose up within me and said, "You don't have to do that, by His stripes you are healed, He bore your sickness and infirmities, tell the devil to take a jump." Immediately I said, "Devil get out, I don't need this and you can't put this on me, by His stripes I am healed." "Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bare my sickness, so you can go take a jump. Thank you Jesus."

All this time I was alone in the house. I spoke words out-loud to the devil and I confessed before God my healing. Then I took a shower, dressed up, and went out for lunch. The thought again came to me to go to the hospital and have an x-ray, but then I said within myself, "Why should I spend God's money for something I didn't need. God's Word is true and I am healed."

That day my foot was very sore but I kept on going. The person I went to lunch with said to me, "Merle, you should have stayed home, and not be walking around on that foot." I just said, "Don't worry about it, it's Ok."

The next day the soreness left. It was Sunday and I went to Church. On Monday evening I showed my foot to those at my house who were there for a share group meeting. All we could see was one red spot and a blue stripe mark where the break had been. Praise the LORD for His Word! By Tuesday all was back to normal, no red spot, no blue stripe.

On Friday, I showed my foot to a nurse friend of mine. I told her what had happened the Saturday before and how the foot came back to normal in three days. She said, "It had to be God, for in the natural it would take ten days to two weeks before the black and blue would be gone."

Faith at Work, Baptist Church, 1979

I was reading in the gospels, where Jesus was talking about faith, and believing. I also started to listen to cassette tapes of some people who taught on faith. I had changed churches, and gone over to a church that understood the new birth. There I began speaking to others about faith, what I was learning.

There was a young woman in that church who had three teen-age children. One in grade school and two in high school. She had no husband, and had to support herself and her three children. She worked long hours, but was always in church on Sundays.

This woman was listening to me when I would talk about faith. One Sunday I had said, "If you really believe, God will answer your prayer." Another Sunday I had said, "You must be specific when you ask God, and He will answer according to what you pray."

This woman had a situation where her oldest daughter made a lot of long-distance phone calls. She had a baby-sitting job, and used the money to pay for the long-distance phone calls she made. In the month of December, the grand-mother of the child she baby-sat for come to stay for a month. That month she did not earn any money baby-sitting. Yet, she kept on making long-distance phone calls.

By the beginning of February the phone bill was so high, and her mother was not able to pay it. They received a warning from the phone company, that if the bill was not paid by a certain date, the phone would be disconnected.

After hearing what I said about being specific when you pray, she said on Monday morning she prayed. She asked the LORD to have me loan her the money to pay the bill by Tuesday. Then when her oldest daughter got up, she said to her, "This morning, before you go to school, call the phone company and tell them I will be there on Tuesday and will pay the full amount of the bill." She said, her daughter asked her, "Where are you going to get the money?" She said, "I prayed this morning and the LORD is going to have Merle loan me the money." Her daughter asked her, "Did you ask Merle"? She said, "No, I asked the LORD to have Merle loan me the money." Her daughter thought she was a little off in the head, but did what her mother asked her, and called the phone company that morning.

Now, faith is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8), and this is what happened. In the early afternoon the mother called me. She said to me, "Merle, will you loan me some money"? Without thinking, I said "Sure." The words came out of my mouth without me even thinking what I was saying. Then I said, "Where are you"? She said she was at work. Then I asked her, "What time do you get off of work"? She said "Five-O'clock." I said, "Stop by on your way home from work, I will be here until 6:00pm." After I hung up the phone thoughts came to my mind, "what if she wants to borrow $1,000, I don't have that much money"! But, immediately, "words came to my mind," "don't worry, God can handle it"! It wasn't thoughts but words that came to my mind. The rest of the afternoon I didn't even think about her or the money.

When she come in after 5:00, she said to me, "You will loan me the money, won't you"? I said, "Sure I will," without even thinking what I was saying. The words just came out of my mouth. Then she said, "You don't even know how much I need"! Without thinking, I said, "That's ok." Then she said to me, "I need $135." I immediately said, "Ok, I have it right here." Then she said, "You don't know why I need it." I said again, without thinking, "It don't matter." Then she told me. Her daughter ran up the telephone bill and it had to be paid. The bill was more than $135. but she only need $135 to add to what she had to pay the bill. Without thinking, I said, "How long before you get paid again?" She said, "Thursday." I said, "Then you need some money for milk and groceries before Thursday. I will give you $150 to help you pay the bill and have some money for food."

The way faith works, is the Holy Spirit works on both ends, the one who prays, and the one who responds according to the prayer. The Holy Spirit did for her just as she asked. I did not respond to her request according to my knowledge and thinking. The words came out of my mouth without me thinking about what I was saying. When the Holy Spirit works, He works all things together for them who love God (Rom. 8:28). She was new at how God works in faith, and so was I. But to the Holy Spirit this is how it has been working from the beginning of time. He puts the words in a person mouth, without having the person think about what they are saying. He gives us peace, in everything He has us do, He is called the Spirit of Peace. All things work together for our good, and there is no question as to if we should do something or not. When thoughts come to our minds opposed to what the Holy Spirit is doing, He cancels them with assurance, that only He can give. It is an inward knowing, that He can take care of any circumstance that should arise.

Jim Hurt His Back:

My son was helping me move a heavy piece of equipment from the third floor of a building to the basement. He was on the upper end and I was on the lower end. He felt he had to try to do the heaviest part because he was a lot younger than I was.

As we were going down the steps, he tried to hold back on the weight so it would be easier for me. In doing so, he pulled his back and the pain became also almost unbearable. We did finish taking the unit to the basement.

As soon as we finished, I said to him, "Jim, let me pray for your back." When I prayed, I commanded every bone, muscle, and ligament to be whole in Jesus' name. After praying for him, I told him, "Every time you feel like there is pain, tell the devil to get out, for by Jesus' stripes you are healed." I told him, "Every time any thought comes to your mind concerning your healing, always say, By Jesus' stripes you are healed."

I didn't say anything to him any more concerning the pain he had or the healing he received. About a week later I asked him, "Jim, how is your back"? He said, "Dad, it is healed, I do no have any pain or any other symptoms. It's just as good as new."

That happened many years ago and he still does not have any problem with his back. I know the devil tried to get Jim to admit that there was pain right after we prayed. In most cases, that is when the devil tries his best to steal a persons healing. That is the most important time to resist the devil, the pain, and all symptoms in the name of Jesus. Just because their still seems to remain some pain, that doesn't mean a person is not healed. But, if you do not resist the devil, he will keep trying to steal your healing.

There are many times when we pray for others. They may be in great pain. Just because the pain doesn't leave immediately, that doesn't mean God's Word does not work. Satan will do all he can to stop a person from receiving healing. He works through the minds and the bodies of people to keep them in pain and torment. Sickness and disease are Satan's tools to stop Christians from flowing with God, to steal and destroy the lives of many Christians.

Patience strengthens faith. James said, "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience...But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing" (James 1:3,4).

Your reward always comes after you have done your part. When you resist the devil, using the Word of God, you will receive the full manifestation of your healing.

Many times, I have prayed for others who were in pain. After praying, I usually tell them, "Every time you think you feel pain, always say, By Jesus' stripes I am healed." Those who do this usually call back in a day or so and tell me of the good report, "All pain is gone, everything is healed."

We need patience to continue to build up our faith. Each time the devil tries to inflect us with sickness or disease, or even injury, resist the devil, using the Word of God. The more we resist the devil, using the Word of God the stronger our faith will be.

Jim in Car Accident:

My son got into an automobile accident. Another vehicle pulled out in front of him while he was traveling about 40 miles per hour. The car he was driving was a small car, with no frame. The car was totaled out by the insurance company, beyond repair.

When his car hit the other car, the impact caused the steering wheel to push into his chest, pinning him between the steering wheel and the seat. He was driving my vehicle at the time, and didn't know if he should go to the hospital or stay with the vehicle until they got in contact with me. So, he stayed with the vehicle, even though he was in pain.

The other passenger was taken to the hospital for a checkout. When he finely got in touch with me, he asked me, "Dad, should I go to the hospital?" I asked him, "What for?" Then he told me that his chest was in pain, and it was black and blue. Now, just for those who think they have "bulldozer faith," I knew in my spirit that Jim could believe for his healing. So, I said, "Jim, did you pray after you got hit?" He said, "Yes, Dad." I them told him, "If you prayed then tell the devil to take a jump, for by Jesus' stripes you are healed."

About two weeks later I asked Jim, "How is your chest?" He said, "Dad, all the black and blue is gone, and I have not had any pain for over a week." It wasn't instant healing, with no pain, no black and blue. But, God's Word does work, if we will believe and resist the devil when he comes to steal our healing.

Time has nothing to do with faith. Faith works according to God's timing, which is eternal. There is no beginning and no ending to God's time. He was, He is, and He always will be. Therefore, faith should never be subject to time. Faith works regardless of how much time it takes.

Once we act upon our faith, by believing and confessing according to the Word of God, it will accomplish that which we say, as long as we do not waver or doubt. Wavering and doubt can stop faith. But knowing that faith does not operate according to time, we can stand in faith until the manifestation comes. It doesn't make any difference how long it takes. God's Word cannot fail. It will accomplish that which we speak in faith, if we do not doubt, waver, or draw back.

Heart Attack, May 2002

In May of 2002, I was driving my car, taking two other people home. All the way to their house I was praying in the Spirit. I had another person with me while driving back to where I lived.

I had just gotten on the freeway, traveling 65 miles per hour, when sharp pains started to come from my heart. It was like lightening, sharp and repeated. It continued to get worse and worse.

The person who was with me was also filled with the Holy Spirit, and knew what the Spirit revealed to her. I said to her, "I think I am getting a heart-attack." She said to me, "I know." She was already praying in the Spirit. Both of us kept praying in unknown tongues. We did not pray in English, only in unknown tongues. Although, in our minds, we spoke healing and commanded the pain to leave.

For about five minutes, the sharp pain continued to increase. Then it started down my left arm. My left arm started to get numb and I pulled off the freeway. I asked the person with me to do the driving, while we both kept praying in tongues.

About five minutes later, the pain all left and I felt fine. That happened between six and seven in the morning. All day I was fine, no pain, no numbness in my arm. Then about midnight, the pain started again, just like the first time. I just started praying in tongues again and went to bed praying in tongues. Within about fifteen minutes all the pain was gone and I went to sleep. I did not have any sharp pain in my heart since that day. Although, for about three or four days, I could feel a spot in my upper left chest that felt like someone had hit me there. That was in May of 2002. I have never had any symptoms like that since that time.

The Word of God works, even when you pray in unknown tongues. It's the speaking of the Word that causes the power of God to bring healing to our flesh. When a person speaks in unknown tongues, they are speaking the Word of God. That is the important part, speaking the Word of God out of our mouth.

Joyce J. Fracture, Feb. 2002

A sister in the LORD was walking down a sidewalk one winter day. There was ice on the sidewalk and she slipped and fell. As a result, she ended up with a hairline fracture in one of her bones. She is a Christian, and believes in healing by the Word of God. She did not go to a doctor at the time, just believed in her healing.

About two weeks later she was still in pain, her leg was turning black and blue and getting stiff. So she went to a hospital and had it checked. The X-rays showed a hairline fracture. The doctor gave her some medicine for pain and told her to stay off the leg as much as possible. By the end of that week she could hardly stand the pain. She went back to the doctor, and this time she was given another prescription for pain. Then she was told that she needed to see a therapist and get some therapy to keep her leg from getting stiff. She was told that if she didn't get therapy on her leg it could be stiff the rest of her life.

The next week she was at my house. She had a little dog she was raising and house training. That day her leg was so painful and stiff she had to sit on a foam rubber pad about four inches thick, with her leg straight out. She could not bend her leg.

Earlier in the day I talked with her and told her about a man I new who was bed-ridden for over a year. When he read Mark 11:23, 24, and decided in himself he would believe what it says, regardless of how he felt: he told the LORD, he believed he was healed regardless of how things looked, or how he felt. Then he took a-hold of the bed post and started to pull himself up, out of bed. His legs were like ropes, they just dangled off the side of the bed. He kept pulling himself up. When his feet hit the floor, strength came into his legs. He stood up for the first time in many months and was healed.

He had been in bed for many months, because he did not believe he was healed before he saw the evidence. I told this sister in the LORD that and then I left the room to do some work.

Later that day I came back into the room where she was and she asked me to get into the Word of God with her. I didn't know what she wanted to read or study, so I said to her, "Why don't you read out-loud, one of the new books I am writing and I will listen for any mistakes I may have made in typing it."

She read the whole book through, sitting on a chair with the four inch foam pad on the seat, and her stiff leg straight out in front of her. When she finished reading the book, I said, "I have to go and do some work and I left the room."

I came back about an hour and one-half later and there she was bending down normally, putting dog food in a dish. I looked at her, and in excitement said, "Hey your bending your leg." She said to me, "Yes, it's healed, no pain, no stiffness"!

When she decided to act upon the Word of God and believe she was already healed, the LORD took away all the pain and stiffness. It took a week or two for all the black and blue to leave her leg. But, all that pain and stiffness was gone in a matter of seconds. Once she believed the Word of God and acted upon it, believing that which was not healed, as thought it was healed, all the pain and stiffness left. When she got up off the chair and began to walk normal, the LORD took away all pain and stiffness.

Many Christians are in bed, in wheel chairs, using crutches, etc. not believing in the Cross for their healing. It's because they don't believe before they receive they are still in their condition. The healing comes after they believe "without any evidence in the natural, that they are healed." But, if they would do like the man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5:8,9 or the man sick with the palsy in Matthew 9:6,7, and get up and walk, they would experience the power of God, and healing will take place in their bodies. The Word of God is true. "By Jesus' stripes we are healed" (1 Peter 2:24). It's our mind that receives thoughts that are not in agreement with the Word of God that keeps us from walking in health.

Door Bell, August 2003

I was replacing my old doorbells with new wireless doorbells. When I held the buttons in place they worked fine. But, when I mounted the buttons on the doorframe they did not always work, especially on the doorbells in the basement of my house. I tired repositioning them in different places and still had the same problem. They worked when I held them against the wall or doorframe, but after I mounted them they didn't always work. I spent at least a half an hour trying different spots and still could not get them to work every time I pressed the button.

Finely I did what I should have done earlier, I spoke to the LORD, saying, "LORD, what is wrong, what should I do?" The next thought that came to my mind was, "Why not mount them upside down?" All it was, was a thought that came to my mind, nothing else, just a thought. I mounted them upside down and they both worked every time. Praise the LORD! We should be asking the LORD more often, instead of trying to figure it our for ourselves.

Angels Repair Books, July 3 & 4th 2003

On the third of July we were stapling and folding books. On some of the books the staples would bend and cause the covers to be damaged. I tried everything I knew to get things working right. I even tried sharpening the staples so they would go in easier. All day we worked, and had between 25 and 50 books that needed new covers and new staples. It was late and I said, "Let's just let those books lay on the table until we get the others all done, then I will cut new covers and we will put new staples in." We turned off the lights and quit for the evening. The next morning when we returned, there were no books on the table. It was all cleaned off. We questioned each other, "What happened to the books we left on the table?" We couldn't find them anywhere. So, we finished the job and when we were all done, every book I printed was there, there were no books missing and no books to put new covers on. It had to be the LORD, He must have sent His angles in the night to fix the bad books for us. Not only did He fix the bad books, but also the stapler. That day we did not have any problems with the stapler. No more bad staples, and no more bad covers. Praise the LORD! He is still the same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever...

Two Angels Appear: August 19, 2003

It was about 7:00 PM and I was about to go to bed. The temperature in the house was about 85 degrees and outside it was about 79 degrees. So I had two fans running in the windows, blowing cooler air into the house. I was ready to go to bed. I only had my house coat on when I thought I best not go to bed yet, but rather lay in the livingroom for a while, then shut the fans off before going to bed.

I laid down on the davenport for about a half-hour and fell asleep. While sleeping I felt someone grab my foot. I jumped and said, Hey! I looked, and beside the davenport, by my feet stood two angels dressed in US Army combat uniforms. They did not have any weapons, and only a small dress cap on their head. They stood near my feet looking at me (about four feet from my face). There was no fear, and they did not look as though they intended to do anything but look at me. They stood there like two people waiting for someone to take their picture.

I looked them over very carefully, from the combat boots up to the top of their heads. They did not have any identification on them, no rank, no name tag, none-whatsoever. They were both about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. They were both white complexion. One had blond hair the other one had black hair. They were clean shaven, no mustache, no beard. Their uniforms had a perfect press, as if it had just come from a dry-cleaners. Then I was staring in their faces to see if I might know who they were, I did not recognize either one as someone I knew. They never said a word to me and I did not try to speak to them. After a few seconds of me looking at them and them looking at me they disappeared.

I did not have any fear, no coldness like if it were demons, no idea at all that they were there to cause me any harm, whatsoever. I had "total peace" all the time. After they disappeared I got up and looked around the house to see if there was anything I could see that they would have appeared to warn me about, like a gas leak or unlocked door, or something. I did not find anything wrong anywhere. At the time, all I could figure out was they just wanted me to know they were there protecting me from any danger.

After sharing this with many other Christians in the body of Christ, one brother in the LORD, who had served time in the Army; told me, the uniform and the cap I saw was that of "special forces." He said, they do not carry any identification, but are specially trained to do specific duties.

Praise God, it is exciting to know the LORD loves us so, that He will even send "special forces" to us when we need them. Now, it's also exciting to know, the LORD does not just send angels to those who are someone great in the body of Christ, but even to someone like myself; the least of all the brethren.

Healing from Virus, Oct. 6, 2003

On Saturday evening, when I went to bed I got the chills. My whole body was cold and shivering. It was about 65 degrees in the house, which it was that way for about a week. It had been warmer in the past weeks, for the temperature outside was in the 80's but now it had dropped into the 60's and lower. The cause of my chillness was not the temperature in the house, it was a coldness in my body.

I know from experience that a sudden coldness is caused by demons. If you have ever been in a house where the temperature is warm but you sense a coldness, there is demonic activity in that house. The same applies to your physical body. If you get the chills and the temperature is not cold, the chillness is caused by demonic activity.

I turned up the thermostat in the house, put on more covers, and went to bed. It wasn't long and the coldness was gone, and I went to sleep. In the morning, I got up, took a shower and went to take my morning vitamin supplements as usual. When I had taken a few I got a lump in my chest right were my throat enters my stomach. There was pain at that point and I could not swallow the pills. My eyes started to water, and I started to sweat. The pain was sharp in my chest and I could not continue to take any vitamins.

I began to pray and come against any infirmity in my body. I began to get a fever and chills. I laid back down in bed and covered up good until the fever left. I continued to pray, and finally called some people for prayer. I concealed my appointments for that day and stayed home. No matter what I did, the condition did not get any better. I tried to eat but everything came back out. Every time I sat up I got the hiccups. I had to lay on my back to stop the hiccups. A number of times, I tried getting up and eat or drink, and it all came back up. Each time there was pain in the center of my chest.

I had many people praying for me. I got to the point where I decided I would not even try to eat or drink. I knew I could go for a few days without eating or drinking. I just kept meditating on the Word, most of the time in bed. I kept praying to the LORD and asking the Holy Spirit for help to overcome. At times, my mind would come up with all sorts of ideas, as to what it was and what was happening. The thought even came to my mind that my angels would appear and come to take me home. I prayed for more time on earth to continue the work of the ministry.

The next day, Monday, it seemed to get worse. I could not swallow. In the afternoon, I tried to eat something for my stomach, and when I did, it all came back up, with pain and a sweat broke out in me, water just ran off my forehead.

I got out my book, "Faith and the Cross" and went and read out loud the prayer. I read it with a tape recorder on and then transferred the sound into my computer to put it on a CD. While I was finishing putting it in the computer, I got thirsty. I thought, "Why am I getting thirsty?" I couldn't swallow a few minutes ago? But I went and made myself a mixture of Ice cream, Root Beer and Chocolate in my blender. I sat down and drank it all with no pain. I was totally healed! I was able to drink and eat normal.

I praised the LORD, and thanked the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the angels for their helping me to overcome the spirits of this world. I really felt wonderful, and I called a number of those who I knew were praying for me and told them I was healed.

The LORD did exactly what He said in His Word. When I prayed and confessed my position in the body of Christ, and confessed my sins the LORD delivered me from the attacks of the spirits of this world and I was free!

The Inward Man & the Outward Man, January 15, 2004

Understanding the inward man and the outward man? I was up already at 1:00am on Thursday, January 15, 2004. I had been working long hours for two days. At about 10:30am I finished the job I was working on and had about an hour and one-half before I needed to do something else. Another person who had helped me during the two and one-half days was in my living room at the time reading the Bible. I was tired, so I said, "I'm just going to lay down for an hour or so." And I laid down on the davenport and fell asleep.

About an half-hour later the telephone rang and I woke up and answered the phone. After talking on the phone, the person in the room said to me, "While you were asleep, I asked you some questions about things in the Bible, you answered then all correctly." This person knew I was asleep, but asked the questions anyway. I knew nothing of the questions that were asked and knew nothing of giving any answers while I was asleep.

The inward man can respond by giving answers while the outward man is sound asleep? Not only respond, but the outward man has no knowledge of what the inward man is doing at the time.

This agrees with 1 Corinthians 14:14, "For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful"? Our spirit can respond to questions from the Word of God without our natural understanding. God works from our new created spirit, and can use our mouth to speak, even while the natural man is asleep.

Driving to and from Tulsa, 1982-83

While I was between the two years of Bible School, I would drive back and forth between Milwaukee and Tulsa. It was about a fourteen hour drive. I would stop two or more times in a wayside and rest a short time.

When I would stop to rest, I would say, "Holy Spirit, wake me when it's time to go," and I would lay back on the seat and fall asleep. It seemed it was always about twenty minutes and I would wake up, refreshed, and get back on the road for a few hours before I would stop again. Usually, I stopped and rested at least two times during the fourteen hour drive.

One time, on the way back from Tulsa I left late in the evening, so I stopped at a wayside near Joplin Missouri. I said, "Holy Spirit, wake me when it's time to go," and I laid my head back and went off to sleep. About an hour later I woke up and looked at the clock. I said, "Holy Spirit, what happened? It's almost an hour now"! When I got on the road, I only went about a mile and the traffic was at a stand-still. I got out of my vehicle and went and talked to a truck driver ahead of me. He said, "There's a semi-truck jack-knifed in the road ahead, it's been about an hour now. But they said the traffic is starting to move up ahead now, so get ready to go." I got back in my vehicle and was on my way. The Holy Spirit knew what was happening on the highway, so He left me sleep almost a whole hour while others sat on the highway, waiting.

That same night I got a few miles from another city south of St. Louis, Missouri and I pulled into a wayside and said, "Holy Spirit, wake me when it's time to go." I fell asleep and about an hour later I awoke. Again, I said, "Holy Spirit, what happened, it's almost an hour?" I got on the road again and only traveled a few miles. The daylight was just breaking in the east. The sun was not yet up. I could see a white figure ahead of me, on the side of the road. Soon, I noticed it was a woman dressed in white, holding up her hand. When I got to her, I pulled over and stopped. Her car was sitting on the side of the road and she wanted a ride.

When she came to my vehicle, she opened the door and said, "Praise God, a Christian"! I didn't have anything on my vehicle that would indicate that I was a Christian, I didn't even have a Bible where it could be seen. Then she told me, she was a Christian, and she prayed that the LORD would send a Christian to give her a ride to the hospital. She was nurse and needed to be there before six o'clock. She said, "Her husband would come and get the car, she just wanted to be to work on time."

We had a great time talking about the LORD and the things God is doing for Christians. I drove her to the Hospital and then left on my way back to Milwaukee.

God is interested in every area of our lives. Not, just our lives, but the lives of everyone. Sometimes, He has to work things out so He can use us to help others also.

Laying Hands on TV's, 1982

I was still in the television repair business. After receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I spent a lot of time praying and studying my Bible. I would go to work at my shop about 9:00 A.M. I usually didn't start to do any repair work until sometime in the afternoon. I spent all the time I could reading and studying my Bible. I talked to customers when they came in, usually talking to them about the LORD and what He could do for them. When there were no customers in the shop, I went back to studying my Bible.

Usually by 1:00 or 2:00 P.M. I would start fixing television sets. I found that I could lay my hands upon the television sets, and ask the LORD, "LORD, You know what is wrong with this television set, help me to repair it!" In most cases, by the time I got the back off the television set, I knew what was wrong. I knew which part to replace, and what to do. It didn't take long to repair the television sets.

Being that I charged by the type of work I did and not by the hours it took to repair the sets, I made more money repairing television sets only a few hours a day, than I used to make working from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. I only worked on the televisions sets a few hours, in the afternoons, I spent most of my time studying my Bible and witnessing to customers as they came in. God knows what is in our heart. If we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land (Isa. 1:19).

Rick B., Finances, January 15, 2004

Somewhere in late July or early August of 2003, a brother in the LORD called me. We went out to lunch after Church one Sunday. While at lunch, he said to me, "Merle, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't have enough money coming in to pay my bills. I've been in business for thirty-years. I keep up my advertising, I'm doing everything the way I always did, but the work and the money are not coming in." I said to him, "Why don't you go over to John 14:13,14, and ask the LORD to bring in work for you, that you have enough to pay your bills"? He looked at me, and I said, "Just ask the LORD to bring in the work you need, and then thank and praise Him for doing it." "Do this every morning, thank Him and praise Him, and He will bring in the work you need"!

About two weeks later, he called me and told me, he had all the work he could do, and was making a lot of money to pay his bills with. A number of times he told me, the work is coming in and the money is coming, and he would say, "And you and I know it's not my advertising."

On January 15, 2004, He called me and said, "Merle, I just wanted to tell you, I have to pay over $3,000 additional taxes today." He made more money in the last six months than he made all year the year before (2002).

(Note: total 2002 = $40,000, January - June 2003 = $10,470. July - Dec. 2003 = $40,000+ July 2003 = $8,535 Aug. 2003 = $9,300 Nov. 2003 = $10,325, total income 2003 $50,470+ total additional tax Jan. 15th 2004 $3,250.)

Sore Toe, May of 2004

On a Friday, my foot started to get sore, between two toes. By Saturday morning, it started to swell, and got so sore that it was hard walk on it.

About that time the thoughts came to me that maybe I should go to a Drug Store and get something to put on it to relieve the pain and help with healing. This is what I used to do before I learned the Jesus bore my sicknesses and diseases on the Cross of Calvary for me. Just as the thought come to my mind, I said out loud, "Satan, you cannot put this on me, by Jesus stripes I am healed, thank You Jesus for healing me, Amen." Even though it was very sore, I decided I was going to walk on it, because I was healed by Jesus stripes. I left my house and walked about two blocks away. As I was walking the pain left, but some of the soreness was still there.

Sunday morning, there was still indications of the sore, but no pain or soreness. By Tuesday morning there was not even a mark where the sore had been. We could say, within three days from the time I prayed there was no mark or indication that I had ever had a sore on my foot.

Christians could learn from these experiences of healing. Healing from the LORD, according to His Word is like insurance is to the world. When people of the world have insurance, when something happens they can call the insurance company and report their loss. The insurance company will then investigate and pay the damages if it is covered by their policy. Yet, if a person in the world has insurance, but does not report their loss, the insurance company will not pay the damages. Therefore, Christians have the Word of God, that entitles them to receive healing whenever they are attack by the enemy. But, if they do not use the Word of God against the enemy, and they do not receive their healing, the Word of God will not benefit them. The Word of God works, but we must do what it tells us to do to benefit from it.

When we need something from God, and it is promised to us in His Word, we must ASK, then we will receive. The word ASK, has two meanings, one is "Make a request based upon a promise." The other meaning is "Make a demand based upon something that is rightfully yours." Healing is rightfully ours, therefore we can make a demand that Satan remove all symptoms and evidence of any sickness or disease, for "by Jesus stripes we are healed" (Isa. 53:5, Matt. 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24).

Bleeding Ear, July 2004

One morning, while taking a shower the washcloth rubbed the top of my left ear and blood started to run down my face. I got out of the shower and went to the mirror and washbasin. There was a small growth, a hard lump, on my ear. The washcloth had pulled on it and it started to bleed between the hard lump and the ear. The blood kept coming even as I held the washcloth on it. I kept speaking, "By Jesus stripes I am healed," over and over I spoke those words. After a few minutes, I took a small piece of toilet paper and placed that over the bleeding and held it tight while I kept repeating, "By Jesus stripes I am healed."

It took about ten minutes for it to stop bleeding. That day, I called a brother in the LORD and told him what happened. And He prayed also. For about two or three days, I did not let the washcloth touch the spot were the bleeding had come from. In less then on week the hard lump was gone, and over six months later it was still gone.

Soreness in Chest, Prayer, August 2004

For about a month I had soreness around my heart. It was not a heart attack, where you get sharp pains like lightening flashes or electrical shocks, but it was like pressure or like a bruise. This continued for about a month, every day I could feel soreness. One day I called two people I know who know how to pray for healing. That same day, within hours the soreness left and never returned. We need others in the body of Christ to pray with us and for us when we do not have the victory ourselves. James tells us to call for the elders of the Church to pray the prayer of faith.

Sliver Under Finger, July 2005

One day, while walking down a set of steps, my right hand came against a wall. My small finger got a sliver under the nail the full length of the finger-nail. I could not remove the sliver (I could not get hold of it with anything. I left the sliver alone and went about my work. That evening my finger turned red and blue under the finger nail, and I started to have pain and throbbing from the sliver under the finger nail. When I went to bed, I confessed, "By Jesus' stripes I am healed." I believed the LORD would take care of the situation for me. I continued to have pain, but I rejected all pain in my mind. I refused to let the thoughts in my mind stop me from receiving healing. I fell asleep and in the morning, all red and blue coloring was gone (except for one spot where the sliver had gone beyond to nail into my finger). There was no pain, but I could still see the sliver under the finger nail. About a month later the sliver was still under the finger nail. I have not had any pain, or infection in the finger since I prayed that night. The fingernail continued to grow and the sliver come out with the nail as it grew around the fingernail. One day I pulled the sliver out and the nail continued to grow with a hole in it where the sliver had been.

From My Spirit, July, 2005

One Sunday I went to a church where I knew the person who was doing the preaching. I was grieved in my spirit as this person taught from the Old Testament, how we must seek the LORD and to obey him in everything according to the commandments. I had given this person a copy of my book "One Gospel," a few weeks before. After the service I asked this person, "Have you read the book I gave you." The person replied, "No I haven't yet." I said, "If you get time, read it." The following Sunday I attended the same church and the same person was preaching. Again, this person used the Old Testament to teach on obeying the commandments.

All the time I was at the church, this person avoided me, and in my spirit I knew this person was offended over something, but was not sure what? For two days, I was grieved in my spirit over why was this person offended? On Tuesday, I got quiet before the LORD and waited. The Holy Spirit knew I was grieved in my spirit, and I knew He knew why? After an hour or more of being quiet before the LORD, it came from my spirit, "Look up Galatians, Chapter Three." As I began to read Chapter Three, by the time I got through with verse three, a rest came in my spirit. A knowing, that the reason the person was offended on Sunday was because, they were still trying to please God by making themselves perfect according to the Old Testament.

This is a major problem in many Christian Churches today. Rather than loving the LORD with their heart, and walking after the Spirit, they are trying to please God, walking in the flesh. They think they can please God by their own power, rather than letting the Holy Spirit transform them by working in them. Philippians 2:13 says, "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." We cannot please God by works of the flesh. Galatians 3:3 says, "Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?" We must renew our mind on the written Word, so that we learn to be led by the Holy Spirit rather than our natural mind (Rom. 12:3).

Ear Bleeding, January 2006

One morning when I finished taking a shower, the towel caught a lump on my left ear. My ear started to bleed, blood running down my neck. This had happened years ago, and I had totally forgotten about it. There was a small growth that came back on my ear, and blood was coming out next to the growth.

I took a wash cloth, and soaked it in cold water. I washed some of the blood off. Then I took my thumb and finger on my left hand and held the spot on my ear tight. I said, "In the name of Jesus, I command this bleeding to stop, in Jesus' name." I waited and continued to hold my ear for about two minutes. Then I let go of my ear, washed the blood off my neck and other parts of my body. I dried myself and got dressed. I did nothing else to my ear. The bleeding had stopped and I was healed.

Pain in Lower Back, March 6, 2006

I had driven to Iowa on March the 4th. It was a six-one-half hour drive. All the way I had been wearing a new coat, that was stiff in the back. It was doubled up behind my lower back. It thought nothing of it, until on the 6th of March, when I got up in the morning I had sharp pains in my lower back. I knew something was wrong in my lower back area.

Before I got up, I sat on the edge of the bed and stretched out my legs and feet over the edge of the bed. While looking at my feet, I said, "Thank you Jesus for adjusting my back and legs, thank you Jesus"! I said this more than once, and watched as my legs went out and in, one at a time, until they were both that same length again. The sharp pain left, but I could still feel a slight pain where the sharp pain had been. For about three days, at times I could feel a slight pain in that same area of my back. Each day it got less and less. After about four days, I no longer felt any pain in my lower back.

Lower Back Pain, April 2006

On April 27, 2006 I had a sharp pain in my lower back, again. It was early in the morning just after I got up. I sat down on a chair, stretched out my legs and said, "Thank You Jesus, for adjusting my back, thank You Jesus"! I watched as my legs went in and out again, and again until both were the same length. The sharp pain left, and I got up and went about my business.

About three hours later the sharp pain came back again. So, I sat down on a chair and stretched out my legs again. I said, "Thank You Jesus, for adjusting my back and legs, thank You Jesus"! I said that a few times, until both legs were the same length. The sharp pain left and I went about my business.

The next morning, I got a sharp pain in my lower back again. This time, I said, "No you don't devil"! Then I placed my left hand on my lower back and said, "In the name of Jesus, I command healing in my lower back. I command healing in Jesus Name"! The sharp pain left, but I could still feel some pain in the area where the sharp pain had been. It took about three or four days before I could no longer feel any pain in my lower back. All the pain was gone, and I had no more symptoms of pain in my lower back since.

Pulled Upper Back, May 2006

On May 27, 2006, I was putting an air-conditioner in my bedroom window. It was a 10,500 BTU unit. It must have weighed about 70 pounds, and hard to get a good hold of the unit. I had the case mounted in the window when I tried to life the insides up to put it into the case. At first, I couldn't find any way to get a-hold of the unit to lift it. So I put my one toe under one side, then my other toe under the other side, so I could get my hands under the two sides to lift it. As I begin to lift the unit toward the window, I felt sharp pains in my upper back (between my shoulder blades). It was very sharp, and I knew I pulled my upper back. It thought, if I let the air conditioner back down to the floor, I will never get it back up to the window, so I kept going up, even with all the pain in my back. I did manage to get the unit into the case in the window. But my back was very sore. It hurt even when I just bent a little.

The rest of that day I kept saying "By Jesus' stripes I am healed, by Jesus' stripes I am healed"! I still had pain, but I kept resisting by saying "By Jesus' stripes I am healed"! The next day, the pain was still there and would get worse at times when I turned myself in certain directions. Finely, I said, "That's enough!" I put my left hand as close as I could to the area of my upper back as I could. Then I said, "I command healing in my back in Jesus' Name"! "In Jesus' Name I command my back to be whole, thank You, Jesus"!

The sharp pain left, but I could still feel some slight pain once in a while, especially when I lifted something, or turned in certain directions. It took about four days, each day with less pain. After about four days, all pain was gone. I haven't had any upper back pain since that time.

Healing of Stiff Leg and Pain

Early in 2003, a Christian woman came to receive teaching. We did not ask for any money, we did not take up any offering. That evening, there was no money given or taken from anyone.

As she came in to sit down, she said, I have to sit on a certain type of chair, not like where some of the others sit. I asked her why? She said, "I have a stiff leg, and I have pain at this time." Then she told us she had that stiff leg for about four years, and sometimes she had pain, like she had that evening.

We spent about an hour in the Word of God, teaching and answering questions. When we finished teaching and answering questions, I said to her, "Before you leave, we'll pray for your leg." After explaining how God heals, and letting her see how simple it is for God to heal, I prayed for her. When she got up to leave, I instructed her on how to resist the devil and receive her healing. She left praising the LORD and coming against the devil.

The next morning, there was a call from her on my answering machine. She said, the pain was all gone and there was no stiffness in her leg.

We did not hear from her for about a month, until one Sunday she called me and asked me if I would be there in the afternoon. I told her I would be there and she said she was coming over. When she came, she handed me a check for five-hundred dollars, made out to Hands for Jesus. She then told me, she has not had any pain or stiffness in her leg since the morning after we prayed for her. She wanted to give us the money to help the ministry.

Blood in Toilet, October 2004

One morning, while going to the bathroom and having a bowl movement, I noticed fresh blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper. I have never seen that since 1981 when the LORD healed me of hemorrhoids. That was over twenty-years ago. That day, as I was talking to a brother in the LORD, I told him of this. He prayed for me, and I have not seen blood in toilet since. The LORD is our healer, and we must stay with the Word of God for healing. The Word works when we use the Word against all sickness and disease

In a Dream, "all things are mine." Dec. 27, 2005

While laying in bed, just halfway between sleeping and awake I heard the Scripture from John 16:15 being read from my CD Player in the bedroom. Yet, I didn't hear it the way it is written in John 16:15. What I heard was Jesus speaking, saying, "all things are mine." Then I fell back asleep, and certain Scriptures came to me. Colossians 1:16, which says, "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." And John 1:3, which says, "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." Then, in a dream I heard Jesus explaining, "Everything in this world is under His control."

Then, I did not know if I was still dreaming, or not, but then came the following. "The Father placed Jesus in control of everything Jesus created. Therefore, everything in this world belongs to Jesus. Every person belongs to Jesus. He created them for His glory."

Then it became more personalized, insomuch as I found myself rededicating my life to Jesus. Asking the Holy Spirit to remove from me anything that is not pleasing to God. To help me in every area of my life to live for Jesus in everything I do.

Once again, my spiritual eyes were opened that I might understand: "Without Jesus I can do nothing" (John 15:5). I found myself, remembering the things in the past, where I had made commitments to the LORD, and they came to pass. Again, I made commitments to continue doing what the LORD called me to do.

Debbie Healed Car Accident

About two years after I was born again I was writing my first book. At that time my oldest daughter was in an auto accident. Her left arm was all banged up. A large steel cover hit the side of her car and her left arm. They called me from the hospital. They told me she was there and wanted me to come down to the hospital.

After getting off the phone the LORD spoke to me from inside and said, "You better go down there." I looked at my watch; it was 6:30pm. I didn't go right away. About 15 minutes later the LORD said, "You better go there now!" I said, "Ok," and I prayed with my boys and left. On the way down the LORD said, "When you get there she will be coming out and I want to heal her." When I got there she was just coming out with her arm in a sling packed in ice and a lot of medication in her hand. Her boy-friend was with her. There was no place to park my car so I asked her, if she would come over to my place for a while. She said she would and I left for home. When she got to my house her boy-friend was with her. We talked for a few minutes. Her arm was not broken, but all the muscles and tendons were in bad shape. The doctor said it would be two weeks or more before she could use her left hand and arm. She was to go back the next day for a check-up.

I asked her boy-friend to go up-stairs and send down my oldest son, then wait up-stairs until we come up. He did, and my oldest son came down. I didn't want anyone around who did not believe that Jesus would heal her arm right at that very moment that I prayed.

I said to her, "The LORD wants to heal you NOW, right here, is that Ok with you?" She said, "Sure."

I knew she wasn't living for the LORD at the time so I asked her, "First, would you pray with me that the LORD would receive you?" She said "Sure." So I prayed with her first and she accepted the LORD! Then I laid my hands on her and commanded healing in the name of Jesus. The LORD healed her arm 100% that very moment when I prayed.

I knew within myself that she was healed so I asked her, "Did you feel anything?" She said, "It feels kinda funny." I said, "Take your arm out of the sling and bend it up." She did. Then I said, "Now straighten it out," and she did. Then I said, "Now bend it all the way to the right," and she did. Then I said, "Now bend it all the way to the left" and as she did a smile came on her face and she said, "Dad, it doesn't even hurt." I said, "I know, the LORD just healed it for you!" Her face lit up, she was so happy, we just praised the LORD for healing her.

She went right back to work the very next day. She never lost a day of work. She is a key punch operator and needed the use of her left hand. By the love of God, He healed her.

Pain from Teeth Being Pulled 1989

Satan has many ways to put thoughts into our minds to make the Word of God of none effect in our lives. I recall one time in the late 80's. For years I had gone to a dentists. He did everything he could to help me keep my teeth. By the late 80's I had a number of teeth that were broken off below the gum level. For years my dentist would put pins in my teeth and build up a crown on them using some type of plastic. This would only last for a while, then they would brake off again.

My teeth were like chalk. They broke off easily. After ten or more years of working on them, I decided to have all my teeth pulled and false teeth made. I went to a hospital to have them pulled. I was in the operating room for about three hours. Every tooth the dentist tried to pull broke off. He had to dig them out. In doing so, a lot of jaw bone broke off also.

After coming out from under the anesthesia, the nurse asked me if I wanted something for pain. The first time she asked me if I wanted something for pain it was about 1:00 PM in the afternoon. At that time I actually did not have any pain. The Word of God is true, "He bore our pain" (Isa. 53:5). It was not a faith confession, I actually did not have any pain. Almost every hour she asked me if I wanted something for pain. I kept telling her, I didn't have any pain.

Around 6:00 PM my son picked me up and took me home. The next morning I went to the dentist's office and he checked my mouth, and took out some of the stitches. This was on Friday morning. I went back again on Saturday morning. All that time, from Thursday morning until Saturday evening I had no pain whatsoever.

On Saturday morning the dentist took out more stitches and checked everything over. Then he said to me, "If you want I can give you a prescription for some pain pills." I told him, I don't have any pain. I didn't have any pain at anytime, even from the time I came out of the operating room. He continued taking out the stitches.

A second time he said to me, "Are you sure you don't need me to write you a prescription for pain pills?" I said, "I don't have any pain."

Before I left his office that morning, being Saturday, he said, "I could write you a prescription, just in case you do have some pain. You could always go and have it filled if you needed it."

Finally, being the third time he asked me, I agreed to let him write me a prescription, "Just in case I needed it" before Monday morning. That evening the pain came. It was terrible! I prayed, but it didn't help. I went to the drugstore and had the prescription filled. I took the pills, pill after pill, and the pain continued. On Monday and Tuesday the dentist could do nothing for me to stop the pain. He could only ease it for a few hours, then it was back, it seemed even worse then before.

I continued to pray but it didn't help. On Monday, I tried to get in contact with my Pastor, but that was his day off, and he didn't answer the phone. On Tuesday I tried to contact other Christians who could pray with me, with no success. On Wednesday, I finally got in contact with a Christian friend who came over to my house that evening. We prayed for a few hours, when "Inside, I knew the pain was going to leave." The pain was still there, but I knew it would leave. So, we just praised the LORD for the victory and he went home.

The next day the pain was getting less and less all day long. On Friday the pain finally left for the first time. That was a long six days of pain I should not have had. The Word of God declares, Jesus bore my pain for me!

Had I not let the thought of a prescription for pain pills linger in my mind, but continued to reject the thought I would not have had any pain. We do not have to accept pain. If we keep our faith up we will not have any pain. But, if we let the thoughts remain in our mind, Satan has a place where he can manifest.

This is not to put anyone under condemnation for taking medications or going to a doctor. But, God has a better plan than doctors or medication. His Word is healing for all our flesh (Psa. 107:20).

Deanne Car Accident 1984

A sister in the LORD had gotten into an automobile accident and the left side of her face was all cut up by flying glass. I met her in the hospital just after she came down from the emergency room. When the doctor came in with the x-rays he examined her face very closely. He then said to her, "There are no broken bones, but there is a lot of damage. Part of your eyelash is missing, and part of your eyebrow is missing. There is no place on your body where I can get eyebrows or eyelashes from at this time. All I can do is sew you up and after it is healed somewhat we can send you to another hospital about 100 miles away and they will be able to graft in some eyelashes and eyebrows."

After the doctor left the room she said to me, "We are not going to accept that are we?" I said "No, let's pray!" I began to pray in the Spirit (unknown tongues). I must have prayed (in an unknown tongue) at least five minutes or more when she said to me, "Is that all you are going to do is pray in the Spirit?" I said to her, "Let the Holy Spirit do what He wants to do." And I continued to pray in the Spirit (unknown tongues).

After praying in the Spirit for quite some time, words began to come out of my mouth in English. I heard myself saying, "In the name of Jesus I command the eyelashes to be there. In the name of Jesus I command the eyebrows to be there. In the name of Jesus I command the tear glands to be whole and working. In the name of Jesus I command the eye muscles to be working properly. In the name of Jesus I command 20-20 vision in her eyes." Then, un-expectantly I heard these words come out of my mouth "And she will be in church on Sunday." When I heard myself say that, my mind stopped my spirit from praying. I could not believe in my mind that she would be in Church on Sunday. It was about 6:00 PM on Friday at that time.

Following the prayer, they took her up for surgery. About 11:00 PM the doctor came to me and said, "Praise the LORD! The eyebrows and eyelashes were all there. The tear glands were fine. Everything was there, all I had to do was sew her up."

The words I was speaking while praying in the Spirit were not coming from my head. It was my spirit that was doing the praying (1 Cor. 14:14). It was the Holy Spirit putting the words in my mouth. I did the speaking, but I was speaking by the unction of the Holy Spirit within me (Acts 2:4).

When we pray "all supplications and prayer in the Spirit" we authorize the Holy Spirit to do the will of God in every situation we pray for. The Holy Spirit knows what to do and how to do it. All He needs is our cooperation. When we begin to pray in (unknown) tongues our spirit does the praying, and the Holy Spirit helps us (Rom. 8:26,27). Sometimes, while praying in (unknown) tongues the Holy Spirit can switch us over to a ministry gift of (diverse kinds) of tongues, such as intercession, spiritual warfare, etc., while speaking in tongues. He will give us the words to speak in tongues, or in English.

That evening, when she had come out of the anesthesia, I went into her room and stayed until 3:30am. The anointing was so strong in the room that we just rejoiced in the LORD. The only thing that come to our mind was, "Why did I stop praying, without praying that there would be no scars on her face." That Sunday she was in Church for the evening service. What was spoke while praying on Friday evening came to pass. When the Holy Spirit puts the words in your mouth, they always come to pass. God never fails to confirm His with signs following.

One thing Christians should know is, in January of that year, this sister in the LORD had a dream. In the dream she saw herself in the exact Auto accident that happened in April of that year. In the dream she know she was the one in the accident. Everything concerning the accident was exactly the way she saw it in her dream in January. She only saw the accident, not the hospital and the healing.

What she did not do was come against that dream in the name of Jesus. She should have rebuked that dream, and commanded all spiritual forces to depart and not return. She also could have told other Christians about the dream, and they would have come against the Devil and the spirits that they could not cause the accident. Christians need understanding of spiritual operations in dreams and visions.

Deaf Ear Dec. 2006

In the first week of December, 2006 my left ear seemed like it had too much wax build up. So I used an ear syringe to clean my ear. Even after cleaning, the ear still felt like there was something built up in it. The next day I was talking on the telephone to someone. I held the telephone to my left ear as I was working with my right hand. I was not hearing what was being said, so I asked the person I was talking to, if he could talk a little louder. What I did not realize at that time was that I was losing my hearing in my left ear.

That evening, while in bed I was listening to the Bible playing on a CD player. When I laid my head with my right ear on my pillow I couldn't hear the CD. When I lifted up my head from my pillow I could hear good. Then I realized I had lost all hearing in my left ear.

I commanded healing in my left ear in the name of Jesus. Nothing seemed to happen, I still could not hear a sound in my left ear. The next day I prayed in the Spirit and commanded healing in my left ear in the name of Jesus. I even called two other people to pray for me. I started to hear some sounds with my left ear, but it was only about 20 percent compared to my right ear. A number of times within the next week I would command healing in my left ear in Jesus' name. It took about three and one-half weeks before my left ear was back to normal, hearing perfectly.

Van Accident 1992

About six month before this, I had purchased a beautiful used van. Everything was working great. We loved that van, for it had been our desire for some years to have a van like it. We had this van for less then a year. Then one time, my wife wanted to go about 350 miles away to be at a certain place on a certain day. In the natural, it was fine. There was nothing wrong in the natural in going to be there at that time. But the Holy Spirit knows what is in the future, and the things that Satan has planned to destroy in our lives.

For about a week, almost constantly I did not have peace in my spirit about going. Many times I said to my wife, "I don't think we should go, there's something in me that makes me uneasy about going." Yet, my wife kept saying, "There's nothing wrong about going, there's no reason why we cannot go." Yet, inside of me, there was no peace about going.

Even on the last day, before we left, I said, "I don't think we should go." Yet, I gave in to my wife, and we went anyway. Almost all the way I was praying in the Spirit. I just couldn't stop praying in the Spirit. I didn't know why I couldn't stop, but something was keeping me praying in the Spirit. I recall, my wife saying to me at one time, "Can't you talk to me?" I had to tell her "I have to keep praying in the Spirit, I just can't stop now to talk to you." After traveling about 300 miles, we were on a straight road with the cruse control set at 55 miles per hour. Coming from the opposite direction (toward us) was a pickup truck. When this truck got about 50 yards from us it started to come right toward us, crossing the center line, heading straight at us. I quickly, turned the steering wheel toward the right side of the road, to try and get out of his way. When I got off the pavement on the gravel the pickup truck hit my left side, just enough to push the back of my van off the gravel toward a deep ditch along the road. I knew at that time, if I tried to turn back toward the road, the van would roll over in the ditch. So, I turned the steering wheel to go into the ditch, thinking, once I was at the bottom of the ditch I could turn again and come out of the ditch back on the road. But, I didn't know, there was a farmers driveway across the ditch just at that point.

The vehicle hit the driveway head-on, jumped into the air and landed on the other side of the driveway. The back wheels on the driveway and the front wheels in the ditch on the other side. When this happened, there was a bright flash of light in the vehicle. It was so bright, it was as though someone was taking a picture with a flash camera. Yet, the light did not cause any blinding effect in our eyes.

I was still praying in the spirit, even after the vehicle landed with its front-end in the ditch on the other side of the farmers driveway. I prayed for my wife and daughter, then went across the road to the farmers house and they called the Police and the ambulance for me.

When the accident happened, it is possible that angels picked up the vehicle and set it down on the other side of the farmers driveway for us. The flash of light in the vehicle could have been angels helping us. There were no tire tracks on the driveway, indicating the vehicle was completely air bound from the time it hit the driveway until it landed on the other side.

When the Police and the ambulance arrived, the ambulance took my wife and daughter to a hospital. I did not want to go to the hospital. I knew I would be healed by faith. The Police told the me the vehicle needed to be picked up with a flatbed tow truck. The Police called a tow truck for me. When the Police finished making out their report and left, I called a Pastor friend of ours who lived only about fifty miles from where the accident was. I told him what happened and that my wife and daughter were taken to the hospital. He immediately went to the hospital to pray for them.

Once the tow truck left, someone from the farmers house offered to take me to the hospital where my wife and daughter were taken. At the hospital our Pastor friend was already there. He prayed for my wife and daughter, and they were released from the hospital that evening.

Why did this happen? Why could it not have been prevented? Two things; first it would not have happened if I had listened to the witness in my spirit and not gone at that time. It could have been prevented if I would have obeyed the witness in my spirit.

Had it not been for the love, grace, and mercy of the LORD, we could easily have been killed that day. God did all He could to help us. The Holy Spirit was working from my spirit, warning us a week or so before it happened. What happened that day could have been prevented had the two of us listened to our spirit and not gone according to our natural mind, thinking we could still go. The Holy Spirit knows what is in the future. He does all He can to help those who will listen to their spirit and not operate totally from their natural mind of the flesh. Christians are to learn to walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh. If they trust in the LORD and not go according to their own understanding God can help them. If they walk after the flesh they will face defeat. But, if they listen to the Holy Spirit, He will keep them from the works of the enemy.

Printing Press 2007

In January 2007 I had changed six rubber rollers on the printing press. For months I had problems with the ink building up on the back side of the press. With all new rollers my mind was telling me that the Press was getting too old and it didn't pay to do anymore to try to correct the problem with the ink building up on the back side of the press.

In October of 2007 I was printing and the problem with ink building up on the back of the press was bothering my mind. I took off two of the Osculating rollers and looked for any problems there. I could not see any reason for the build up. I was about to stop printing, because of the problem with the ink build up.

Then, in my mind, I said to the LORD, "LORD, I need help to find out why this ink is building up on the back of the press." Then a thought come to me, "Why not turn the one osculating roller around (end for end)"? I took the roller off and turned it around. The ink stopped building up on the back of the printing press. Everything worked out right. I continued to print until I finished the job I was working on.

Too often we try to do things on our own. Using every way we know how in the natural. Jesus told us to ask, and He will answer and help us when we need help (John 14:13,14). It's just a matter of simply asking, and the answer we needed comes to our mind. Sometimes within minutes, as it was with this situation.

Thermostat Driving to Tulsa

In 1982 I was making plans to move to Tulsa Oklahoma to attend Bible School for two years. In doing so, it was necessary for me to find a place to live in Tulsa, while I was there attending Bible School. In late July, we made plans to go to Tulsa and look for a place to live.

On a Thursday morning, I thought it would be best if I changed the thermostat on my vehicle. I had a 190 degree one in and I wanted to put in a 160 degree one instead. As I was tightening down the housing bolts I heard a "crack" sound. I knew within myself I had cracked the housing for the thermostat. Right away, the thought came to me, "I better get a new housing and put it on before I leave for Tulsa." The day went by, but I didn't take the time to go and get a new thermostat housing. The next day, the thought come to me, "I better not forget to get a new thermostat housing and put it on before I leave for Tulsa." I had already made plans to leave on Saturday morning.

That Friday afternoon, I said to my boys, "Let's leave today, instead of tomorrow." So we got our things together, hooked up the pop-up camper and left in the afternoon. I had totally forgotten about the cracked thermostat housing.

We were near Springfield, Illinois and the engine over-heated. I pulled into a filling station and told the man, I needed a new thermostat housing. He said it was too late to get one that day, but he could get one the first thing in the morning, and put it on for me. He said we could set up our pop-up camper in the back of his building and stay all night. In the morning he would get a housing and put it on for me. So, we set up the camper for the night.

Early the next morning, about 5:00am, we were up. I thought, we went about four or more hours from Milwaukee to Springfield before the engine over-heated. By that, instead of waiting until after 8:00 or 9:00am, I could drive to St. Louis by 8:00am and get a thermostat housing there. I could put it on myself and we would be on our way. So we left and headed for St. Louis. As I was going around St. Louis, I drove right past a Ford Dealer, where I could have got a thermostat housing, "forgetting to stop."

About 30 or 40 miles south of St. Louis the engine over-heated again. I cooled down the engine and put in water, thinking, the next city I will stop and get a housing and put it on. We drove south forgetting to stop an the way and get a thermostat housing at a dealer on the way, until about 30 miles from Lebanon Mo. Then the engine started to heat up again. I saw an auto-repair shop just off the Highway and turned in.

I told the mechanic "I need a new housing for the thermostat." He took the old one off, then said, "He was going to call around and see if he could find one." I had gotten there about 10:30am. Every hour or so I would ask him, did you find a thermostat housing yet? He would keep saying, "No, but I am still calling around." It was almost 5:00pm when I asked him again, and he said, "There are no parts in this area. You'll have to wait until Monday and I will get one from Springfield, MO. about 100 miles away."

To me, it seemed that he was not too interested in helping us. I was not too happy with what he told us. I didn't have peace in my spirit, and I said to him, "Can I have the old one back?" He said, "What are you going to do?" I said, "I'm not staying here until Monday, I'll put it back on and start driving."

I put the old thermostat housing back on and stopped at a restaurant, where I got a five-gallon bucket full of water. I filled the radiator and started down the highway. We only went about four or five miles, and it over-heated. I filled it again, and drove another four or five miles, and it over-heated. I did this about three or four times, and only went about 15 miles.

James 4:17 says, "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." I knew what to do many times and I didn't do it. So, I stopped and prayed, "LORD, I confess it as sin, a number of times I knew to change that housing and didn't do it. Now, I need Your help. Thank You, LORD!" Then I filled up the radiator and we drove again down the highway. That time, we drove about 15 miles, and the radiator never did over-heat. Somehow the LORD kept the engine from over-heating all the way to Lebanon Mo.

As we drove into the first filling station off the Highway, the attendant was coming out to meet us. It seemed a little unusual to me that He came out to meet us before we even got to the gas pumps. It seems, he knew we were coming, and he came out to meet us. He said, "What can I do for you"? I told him "I needed a new housing for the thermostat." It was just 6:00pm at the time, and he said, "Let me see which one you need." He looked at the housing and said, "I'm going to make a telephone call." Then he came back and said, "They have one right here in town, they're going to wait for me to come and get it. I'll be right back," and he left.

Now, for some reason, the mechanic back 30 miles from Lebanon MO. must not have called Lebanon, or he would have known they had one right there. Sometimes, I think the LORD wants us to go to other Christians for help, where He can work with them in helping us. I didn't have peace in my spirit all the time we waited from about 10:30am until almost 5:00pm, in that place, where I was told there wasn't any parts in the area.

But, at this filling station in Lebanon, the man got the part and put it on. I recall, all the time he was working on my vehicle, I was talking to his wife and daughter about the LORD. They were Christians, and I gave them one of my books. When he finished putting the part on, he only wanted twenty dollars for his labor. I really appreciated all that he did for me that day, so I gave him a wrench I had also.

By 7:00 o'clock he had the new thermostat housing on and we were on our way. We got to Tulsa that night. Praise the LORD for His help when we needed it.

The LORD wants to help us when we need help, but most of the time we do not ask Him. By praying, and confessing my sin, then asking the LORD to help, He worked everything out to our good.

If we could only understand how much the LORD wants to help us, we could save ourselves a lot of time and problems. We should stop and "ask the LORD" when we need help and He will help us.

Used Plymouth Voyager, 1991

In the fall of 1991 I was in need of a different automobile. The one I had was twelve years old, and getting tired. The LORD helped me many times to keep it running until that time. But, I knew, especially after helping the daughter of one of my best friends move her furniture. My old car just didn't have it any more. It was getting very tired in it's old age with over 150,000 miles on it. My son, who helped me that day said to me, "Dad, you are just going to have to give up on this car and get a newer one. If I were you, I wouldn't try to make it through the winter with this one." Following that Saturday, I felt he was right and I spoke to my wife about getting another vehicle.

I always wanted a Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager, something I could put more luggage in when we went out ministering in other churches. For three years I kept reminding my wife, some day I am going to get a Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager.

On Monday morning early, I called a friend, who was a automobile salesman in a large dealership. I said to him, "I need a different vehicle, now! I just cannot wait any longer." He said, "I may have one coming in today, I'll call you if I think it is what you want." I said to him, "but I don't want to spend over $3,000." I believe in being a good steward with the LORD's money. A new 1993 vehicle like the one I wanted sold for about $18,000.

That morning I started to look for a used Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. The first place I looked at one, which I had known that vehicle was there for a few weeks, was a 1985 low line Dodge Caravan which ran good, but was in need of some minor repairs. The LORD has been very good to me, in giving me the knowledge to repair my own vehicles when needed, so I was willing to make the necessary repairs myself. He had an asking price of $2,895 on the window. When I told him my present car was about ready for the junk yard, so I would be paying cash for his vehicle, he said to me, "What kind of car do you have?" I told him, and he said, "I could use an older vehicle like that for a particular part off it." I asked him, "What is the least amount you will take for this Dodge Caravan?" He thought a little and said to me, "$2,300 plus your car." I felt very good about that price, no witness in my spirit against that price or that vehicle.

You know, as a child of God you must listen to your spirit, and if you get any indication from your spirit against what is said, you must say, "No, I will not go any further with this deal." But, I had no witness from the Holy Ghost against that vehicle or the price. I told him I wanted to look at a few other vehicles first and I would get back with him if I was still interested.

That day I looked at about nine or ten other vehicles similar. Some did not have the necessary features I wanted and I passed them up. Others were much higher priced, and the dealers would not come down to a price that I felt right with in my spirit, so I had to pass them up.

After returning home I said to my wife, "I think I may have found the right vehicle. The dealer only wants $2,300 and my car. In my spirit if feel good about this deal, even though it does need some work on it. Would you like to come with me to see it?" The two of us picked up our daughter after school that day and all three of us went to see the vehicle. My wife would have been satisfied, but we noticed our daughter wasn't well pleased with the interior, she wanted something better.

Wanting to keep the amount we paid for a vehicle as low as possible, and being my wife and I had no witness from the Spirit within us against the vehicle after taking it for a ride, I offered to buy it. I signed a contract and went and got him $100 in cash to bind the contract.

After I returned home that day, almost 6:00pm. the phone rang. It was my friend from the dealership. He said to me, "Merle, I think I have just the vehicle you want, just took it in on trade." I hesitated a minute, then said to him, "I just put $100 down on a 1985 Dodge Caravan for $2,300." He said to me, "Merle, I still think you ought to see this one, it's really a great deal for $3,000. Why not come and see it anyway?" I said, "Ok, I'll be right over."

I drove over to the dealership and saw a 1986 Plymouth Voyager, top of the line vehicle with all the extras, even many features I kind of wanted but never expected to get. It looked like a new vehicle, no dents, no rust, and ran good. Everything I ever wanted in a vehicle and more.

He said, "If you like it, bring you wife over and let her see it." He said he would be there in the morning until 10:00am. and we should come and take it for a drive. I went home and told my wife and our daughter about it. They booth said, "If it is what you say, maybe we ought to get that one instead of the other one." We had a situation, we wanted the second one. Now what can we to do about the contract I had already signed for the first one?

Knowing we have a God Who cares about us, and "with God" all things are possible we said, "Let's get the one for $3,000 instead and pray that God will get us out of the contract on the other one." We prayed, and also called a few friends in the LORD who know the love and grace of God. So, a number of brothers and sisters in the LORD prayed that evening.

The next morning my wife and I went to the dealership to see the 1986 Plymouth Voyager. We took it for a ride and the salesman said to us while on the road, "This has to be some kind of divine intervention for this car to come in the very day you called." Little did he know that we have a God that "with God" all things are possible.

I then said to him, "We will take this one!" He said to me, "The other dealer should give you your money back, but if he doesn't, you can make him take you to court to try and make you take the vehicle." I said to him, "Don't worry, we already prayed and God will have him give me my money back and release me from the contract." You always know that whatsoever you ask the Father in Jesus' name, He will do it.

My wife and I went over to the other dealer and I said to her, "You stay in the car and pray in the spirit, not in your natural language, but only in the spirit while I go in and talk to the dealer about releasing me from the contract." When I got to talk to him, I told him what happened the night before, in that we found another vehicle, top of the line for only $3,000. I asked him if I could have my $100 back and get out of the contract. He said, "You know I don't have to do this, but I am an honest man, and I will let you out of the contract. Here is your $100, just give my the signed contract." I gave him the contract and he gave me the one hundred dollar bill I had given him the night before. Then I said to him, "You know, I don't need my old vehicle that I was going to trade in. I'll give it to you free, if you want it, so that I can take the license plates off to put on the one I just bought." He said "I would appreciate that," he was happy to get my old vehicle.

After the deals were complete I felt that God was saying, "It's up to you, it's your choice, you could have the lesser one for $2,300 or your could have the better one for $3,000 which ever you choose." That is why I never had any check in my spirit over either one of the vehicles.

Typewriter Repair 1980

There was a time when someone called me about 7:00 PM one evening. She said, "Merle, do you know where I can take my electric typewriter to get it repaired while I wait?" She said, she needed it repaired because she had to type up some tax papers that had to be mailed in the next day. My answer to her was, "There isn't any place where they do that; but if she wanted it repaired she would have to wait up and I would come out and repair it for her that evening." She told me she would wait up for me.

She lived about fifty miles away, so it took over an half-hour to drive out to her home. Now, I did not know anything about repairing electric typewriters. I knew about electronics and electricity. But I never had worked on an electric typewriter.

On the way driving out to her house, I prayed, "LORD, I don't know what is wrong, and I don't know what to do! But, LORD, You know what is wrong and what I should do to repair that typewriter. LORD, I'm asking Your help in repairing that typewriter. I know You don't want me to lie, and I told her I would repair it for her. I thank You, LORD for helping me!"

When I got to her house and looked at the typewriter, I noticed there were four screws with different colored heads, which looked like they were holding the carriage on. I remembered someone saying a long time ago that there was a string on the electric typewriters that pulled the carriage back. If that string ever came loose, we would not get it back on with enough tension to pull the carriage back. So I knew that whatever I did, I had to be sure that string did not come loose.

I loosened the four screws just enough that I could move the carriage assembly and saw they were the screws I needed to take out. After removing the carriage, I then noticed four other screws with different color heads that seemed to be holding the cover on over the remaining part of the typewriter. I loosened them and the cover was loose. I took them out and removed the cover.

After the cover was off, I thought I should try and see if the motor would turn. I tried to turn the pulley on the motor and it was very tight. I knew then, that the motor shaft was frozen tight. I had along a spray can of graphite that I used in television service. So I took the belt off from the pulley and sprayed some graphite into the end of the motor shaft. After working on it, turning the shaft by hand and continually spraying it with graphite, the motor started to turn freely.

I plugged the power cord in and turned the typewriter on. When I turned on the switch for the motor, it ran. I unplugged the electric power cord and put the typewriter back together. Once it was all back together I had her try it. It worked good. She thanked me and called me the next day and told me, she got the taxes in on time.

The LORD has supernatural wisdom and knowledge, and will share it with His family here on earth. All we have to do is ask and believe in our heart all that He has taught us in the Bible.

Screwdriver December 2007

The LORD cares, even about the little things in our lives. I was in the Television Repair Business for over twenty-five years. All during those years I carried a small screwdriver in my upper left shirt pocket.

I am right-handed and I always put that screwdriver in my left shirt pocket. I never crossed over to put it in my right shirt pocket. Even today, I still carry that small screwdriver in my left shirt pocket. I usually use it to open envelopes when the mail comes.

One day, after getting in the mail, I reached over into my left shirt pocket to get the screwdriver and it was not there. I started looking for it wherever I thought I may have lost it. I could not find it anywhere.

I said to the LORD, "LORD, I need that screwdriver. I have had it so many years, and I miss not having it. Help me find that screwdriver. Thank You Jesus!"

Later that day I sat down and reached into my right shirt pocket to get my reading glasses. There was my screwdriver.

Stolen Money 1983

While I was attending Bible School I was a single parent with two young boys. I was away from home, in another State while attending Bible School. One evening I felt the leading of the LORD to go and see someone who did not have a telephone. It was about eight o'clock in the evening. I said to my two boys, "You two be sure and stay home, read your Bible, pray, and be in bed by nine o'clock. I'll be back as soon as I can."

That evening (unknown to me for months), a young boy from across the street came over just after I left. The boy showed my two boys a one-hundred dollar bill that he had just stolen from a house that evening. The boy told them he got scared on his way home and threw some one-hundred dollar bills over a high board fence into someone's yard. If they wanted to, they could have them if they would go and pick them up.

Unknown to my two boys, this was a temptation from the devil. The temptation was too great for my two young boys. They worked it out to go and climb over the fence. They found one, one-hundred dollar bill in the dark and came home. Knowing I would not approve of what they did, they did not say anything to me until months later.

One day, the boy from across the street came back from a court hearing in connection with the stealing of the one-hundred dollar bills. He told my two boys that their names were mentioned as having been involved and that the Juvenile officer would be getting in contact with me.

I found out about all this the day before we were to leave that State for the summer months, before returning for the second year of Bible School. Immediately, I knew we could not leave without first getting this situation taken care of.

I said to my boys, "From this point on, I want you to tell the truth, no matter what it is, and I want you two to start praying in the spirit, and continue praying in the spirit all day long." I began praying in the spirit while I found out who the Juvenile officer was and made an appointment to see him at about 11:00 o'clock that morning.

During the interview, I prayed "in the spirit" while my boys answered all the questions. The Juvenile officer became very upset with what they did and started to lay the law down before them. Then, all of a sudden he stopped, his anger ceased, and he said, "Wait a minute, I have to go and see someone." As he left the room I knew in my spirit that the officer was going to see the District Attorney. When the officer returned he seemed somewhat disappointed and said to us, "Let us continue." He then said he needed a signed statement of their confession as to what happened and how it happened. The officer questioned the boys while writing everything down on a note pad. I continued to pray in the spirit, while this was all going on. When the officer finished with the questioning and taking notes he seemed confused as what to do. He then turned to me and said, "Dad, did you know all this?" I said, "No sir, I just found out this morning, and this is the first time I knew the whole story."

The officer said, "Wait here," and he left the room with the note pad. Again, "in the spirit" I knew where he was going. When he returned he seemed disappointed, but sat down quietly, thinking; then said "Wait a minute, we don't have to be in such a hurry! Dad, do you know where this place is where they found the money?" I said, "No." Then he turned to the boys and said, "Could you two show your dad where the place is?" They said, "Yes, sir." Then he turned again to me and said,"Would you take your boys to the place and look around for any more money, there are still a number of one-hundred dollar bills missing. Could you then get us the address and owners name, also the addresses, names and phone numbers of the neighbors for us? Then be back here by one o'clock?" I said, "Yes, sir, I can."

After searching the area, and talking with one neighbor who was home, we got the information they needed and returned to the courthouse. Shortly after we returned, the Juvenile officer came to us. He was a bit upset, but took the information I had and said to us, "Here are the papers you three must sign, wait here for the District Attorney, he will come and get them from you." All three of us continued to pray in the spirit all day, whenever we were not speaking to someone.

We waited until about 4:45 p.m. and no one came, neither the District Attorney or the Juvenile officer showed up all that time. Then just a few minutes before 5:00 p.m. the Juvenile officer came and said, "Let's go into the court room." When we went in, there was no one else in the court room. We sat down by a table in front of the Judges chambers and the Juvenile officer said to my two boys,"You two boys know that what you have done is a federal offence, receiving stolen money and using it for your own purposes, also, not reporting it to the authorities. We could lock you up for twenty-four hours while the judge makes a decision as what to do with you two. But, the three of us, the Judge, the District Attorney, and myself have been going over this all afternoon and we decided that if your father will give us one-hundred dollars today, we will let you two go, and will not press charges against you. Is that ok with you, dad?" I said, "Yes sir, and thank you for what you are doing." He then said for us to come with him, and he took us to the Recording Secretary, where I gave her the money and she gave me a receipt. Then we left. The case against my two sons was closed and over.

Later that fall the case went to court. After the outcome of the case was over, I asked the boy across the street, "Did they say anything about my two boys?" He said, "No, their names were never mentioned."

Heart Condition, April 2008

For about two weeks, I had a slight pain in the area of my heart. It felt like I had been hit at one time with some object and was had a bruise. It seemed the feeling as of a bruise never left.

I recalled the time I had an heart attack back in 2003, how that after the heart attack I went about two or three weeks with the same feeling, as though I had been hit with some object in the area of my heart.

One day, I laid my left hand upon the area of my heart and commanded all symptoms of any condition with my heart, blood vessels, and blood veins to be healed in Jesus Name. Then I began to thank and praise the LORD for the healing of my body.

Two days later it come to my mind, the pain was gone. There was no indication of any kind in the area of my heart.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit, April 1998

On time I was teaching in a small Church on a regular basis. There were four individuals that came on a regular basis. I knew that none of them were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. But, until that evening, I just kept teaching whatsoever came from my spirit, and never said anything about them not speaking in tongues.

That evening, as I stood up to speak, I saw all four of these individuals sitting in the pews. I knew that none of them had the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This I knew in the natural, in my mind. Therefore, that evening I told them, I would teach on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This I said from my mind, therefore I thought it was my idea to teach on the Holy Spirit that evening.

But then, without me thinking of what I was about to say, these words came out of my mouth, "Tonight, every one of you will leave this place speaking in tongues." That statement did not come from my mind, the words just came out of my mouth, without me intending to say that. When I heard myself say that, my mind did a flip (if you know what I mean). In my mind, I said to myself, why did I say that? I felt that I should correct that statement, and say "some of you will leave this place speaking in tongues." I didn't believe "in my mind" that, every one of them would receive and speak in tongues that evening.

Yet, knowing the words did not come from my mind, but simply came out of my mouth, I didn't say anything contrary to what came out of my mouth. If it was the LORD that put the words in my mouth, then everyone would leave that evening speaking in tongues. Therefore, even though my mind did not believe they would all receive the Holy Spirit that evening, I just went on and taught on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

After I finished teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, I then went and laid my hands upon each one, one at a time, and prayed with them. Every one of them received the baptism in the Holy Spirit that evening, speaking in tongues. When the meeting was over, I was still amazed myself, that they all spoke in tongues.

Following that meeting, we gave each one a set of New Testament Cassette Tapes. I instructed them that they should listen to at least one tape every day, and while they were listening to the tape they should pray in tongues at the same time.

Praying in tongues and hearing the Word of God with our ears are two of the most helpful things Christians can do. The more we pray in tongues, and hear the Word of God with our ears the greater our faith will be. Jude 1:20 says, "But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost." Romans 10:17 says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Notice in Romans 10:17 the word "hearing" is mentioned twice. The more we hear the Word of God, the greater our faith will be.

Debbie's Car Stolen

One day my daughter called me about 5:30pm. She had parked her car in the parking space behind her apartment and took out the groceries. As she was putting the groceries away she looked out the window and her car was gone (someone had stolen her car).

First, she called the Police, then she called me. When she told me what happened, I told her, "Right now, I am going to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help." I prayed, "Holy Spirit, help us get her car back. Thank You Holy Spirit!"

Then I told my daughter that I would bring one of my sons over to stay with her. She should tell the Police everything that happened. I told her the Holy Spirit would help get her car back. The next morning, about 6:00am the Police called my daughter and told her, "They were watching her car all night, it was parked about forty blocks away from where she lived. They didn't see who parked it there and no one came for it all night. She should come and get it."

When we ask the Holy Spirit to help us, He will help us. But, the Holy Spirit will not be rude and will not interfere with what we do if He is not welcome.

Joyce & Terry, November 16, 2008

A sister in the LORD and her husband were on vacation in Texas. I was to pick them up at the Airport on their return. They called me from the Airport in Texas and said their flight had been delayed because of a brake line on the airplane (it needed to be replaced before they could take off). By this they were almost two hours late on take off. When they arrived in Chicago, their connecting flight to Milwaukee had already left. Their ticket was "an economy pricing" therefore they were put on "standby" whereby they needed to wait for a flight that had room for two more passengers.

This sister in the LORD prayed, asking the LORD for favor in getting a flight from Chicago to Milwaukee. They were told to go to a certain boarding Terminal Gate and wait. As they were walking past other terminal gates on the way, they noticed a flight getting ready to depart to Milwaukee. They stopped and talked to the person in charge. This person told them to wait a few minutes and see. As they waited, they were told someone either canceled or was unable to be there on time. They were told there were two seats empty, so they should get on that flight, and they did.

God gave them favor and they did not lose any time finding a flight to Milwaukee. When they arrived they were concerned if their luggage arrived. When they went to the baggage area, their luggage was there. They called me and told me they were at the Airport and I should come and pick them up. Praise the LORD!, "With God all things are possible."

Sandy's Car Stolen, December 19, 2008

On December 19, 2008, it had snowed most of the day and we had an additional ten to twelve inches of snow on top of the already about six to eight inches from previous snowfalls.

That evening my daughter shoveled out the parking area behind her house so she could get her car out in the morning. About 9:00pm that evening she took her dogs out and her car was gone (someone had stolen her car). She called me about 9:15pm and told me someone had stolen her car. I was already in bed when she called. I told her I would call her back, I needed to pray.

I hung up the telephone and prayed, "Holy Spirit, bring by daughter's car back, I thank You Holy Spirit for bringing my daughter's car back." Then I called my daughter back and told her I prayed and the Holy Spirit would bring her car back.

Then she told me that she called the Police, and they said she had to go over to the Police Station and make out a written report of her car being stolen. I knew it was only about three blocks from my daughter's house to the Police Station. So I asked her if she could dress up warm and walk over to the Police Station and make out the report, and she did.

The next day, I talked to my daughter and told her to keep up her faith, the Holy Spirit will get her car back. Every day, I prayed, "Holy Spirit, I thank You for bringing my daughter's car back." This went on for a whole week. Everyday thanking the Holy Spirit for bringing her car back. During that week my daughter had to get someone else to take her along to work each day she worked. We kept on believing her car was coming back. I kept on thanking the Holy Spirit for bringing her car back.

On Christmas Day, a week later, I went to my daughter's house for dinner about 4:30pm. My daughter was already talking about getting another car. While we were eating, I told her not to give up on believing her car was coming back. My granddaughter said, "I still believe mom's car is coming back." It thanked my granddaughter for keeping up her faith.

About 9:00pm on Christmas Day, the Police called my daughter. They had stopped two teenage boys. One was driving my daughter's car. They had the two in their Police vehicle. They, stopped them while they were driving the car about two or three miles from my daughter's house. They were holding these two boys, and wanted my daughter to come and get her car.

My daughter called me. I was already in bed when she called. I told her I would get up and get dressed and come and take her to get her car. The Police were very helpful, and they waited about an hour before we could get there to get my daughter's car.

My daughter's car had a broken window where someone had broken it to get into her car to steal it. They had broken areas on her steering column where they made it possible to start her car without any keys.

That evening, my daughter drove her car back to her house and parked in where she always kept it. Her car was back. The Holy Spirit did make sure her car was back.

The next day, my daughter had to go down to the Court House by 8:30am, to the District Attorney's Office to make out the reports. The same Police Officer that found her car and made the arrest the night before helped her make out the reports. The two seventeen year old youths had criminal records already.

Jim S., Cardiac Arrhythmia

On Thursday, February 26, 2009, Jim S. (who was 54 years old), was home. He had just come in from blowing snow and shoveling. He was taking a shower in the evening when he became light headed and faint. His wife helped him get into bed. He told his wife and children he did everything he could to be a good husband and father to them. He thought he was going to die, and wanted them to know that he truly loved them and wanted to say "good by" to them before he died.

He did not want to go to the hospital. But, his oldest daughter insisted he go to the hospital. She told him, that if they did not go to the hospital she would call 911 for an ambulance. Then she went and started the car to warm it up. His wife and daughter helped him get into the car, and his wife drove him to the hospital. The roads were very bad for driving. This was in the early evening. They did not call Clem and Dorothy that evening. They did not want them to try to come to the Hospital because of the roads. At the Hospital, they began to do what they could. They put their monitoring instruments on him, and did all they could for him.

On Friday morning, they called Clem and Dorothy and told them Jim was in the hospital with an erratic heart beat. Clem left home as soon as he could to get to the hospital. Dorothy started calling everyone she could for prayer. Many people were called to pray for Jim.

When Clem arrived the equipment was monitoring Jim's heart beat. At times Jim's heart beat was as high as 200 per minute. Clem saw the monitor showing heart beats as high as 160 per minute. Clem had seen it going up and down, but usually way above 90 which would have been more normal for Jim. During this time, Jim, his wife, his sister and Clem were all in the hospital room.

The Hospital tried to call in a doctor from a hospital in Appleton, who had the experience in stopping and starting hearts to get them back to normal. The doctor told them he was not able to drive because of the snow. The doctor advised them that they should call for an ambulance to come and get Jim and bring him to the hospital in Appleton.

The hospital called for the ambulance to take Jim a hospital in Appleton. There were only two ambulances available in Waupaca. Only one ambulance could leave the city at one time to transport patients from Waupaca to another hospital. There was also another woman waiting in the hospital to be transported to another hospital at the time. The ambulance took the woman first. Then they returned to pick up Jim. This was a blessing from the LORD. For had they taken Jim first, who knows what would have happened? By taking the woman first, Jim was still in the hospital when his heart beat came back to normal.

During that time, many people were praying for Jim to be healed. Jim himself said, "It would be a miracle if he did not have to go to the hospital in Appleton." Clem spent most of his time in the room praying in the Spirit for his son. Before the ambulance arrived to pick up Jim, Clem was watching the monitor while praying in the Spirit. Clem was praying in the Spirit while he was asking the LORD to lower Jim heartbeat. While praying in the Spirit Clem saw the heart beat come back to normal. He was so shocked at what he saw, it was hard for him to get the attention of his daughter (Jim's sister) and Jim's wife to show them what happened. Jim's heart beat had come back to normal.

Then there was a knock on the door of the room where Jim was. Clem opened the door and there was the ambulance attendants ready to take Jim to the hospital in Appleton. At the same time, the head nurse had seen the monitor in the nurses station, and arrived at the door to Jim's room about the same time.

The Head nurse said to them, He is not going to Appleton. His heart is back to normal. The ambulance attendants could go back. They were not needed.

After a few hours, the doctors told Jim, they were going to keep him over-night and the next morning he could go back home. His heart was working normal.

Jim's wife stayed late that night at the hospital, then she went home to be with the children. Clem went home and came back on Saturday morning. The hospital released Jim that day. Jim went back home, and was told to see a Cardiologist on Monday.

What the LORD did was precision timing. Everything worked out for the good of Jim and those who were in prayer for Jim. The prayers were answered. The LORD was faithful. Praise the LORD!

Driving, Went Through Red Light.

One time I was planning to go and visit a brother in the LORD about 350 miles from where I lived. I had made these plans already days before I was to leave. My plans were to leave early in the morning and get to this brothers home by about 1:00pm that day.

But, things did not work as I had planned. I was doing some work for another person that took much longer than I had planned. It so happened that I ended up working all night one night, and even all morning the day I wanted to leave. By this I did not get any rest.

I still wanted to get to my brother in the LORD's house that day. So, I called him and told him I would be a little late. I hoped to get there by about 6:00pm that day.

I left about 12:00pm that day, driving without any sleep the night before. I drove about six hours straight. I was getting sleepy, but I did not stop. I just kept on driving, trying to stay awake.

As I was driving through a city, I came to a stoplight over the intercession. I did not notice the stop light had turned red until I was already in the intersection. Then I noticed it was red, and I should have stopped. At the same time I noticed a Police vehicle waiting to cross the intercession from the other direction. There were other vehicles waiting at that intercession also.

If it had not been for the LORD protecting me, I could easily have gotten into an accident with one of the vehicles coming from the other direction. Just as I crossed the intersection, the Police vehicle turned on his light and followed me.

I knew I had gone through a red light, and I knew the Police vehicle was wanting me to pull over. In my spirit, I knew I was at fault. When I pulled over, I immediately got out of my vehicle and walked over to the Police vehicle behind me. I said to the Officer, "I know it was my own fault. I didn't see the red light until I was already in the intersection."

The officer said to me, "Please get back in your vehicle and wait there." Then he came over to my vehicle and asked for my drivers license. The officer then took my drivers license with him and went back into his vehicle.

All the time the officer was back in his vehicle, I was praying. First I asked the LORD to forgive me for not stopping and resting along the way. I confessed it to the LORD that I should have known better than to keep driving when I was sleepy. Then I prayed in the Spirit all the time I waited for the officer to come back from his vehicle.

When the officer came back he asked me, "How long have you been driving?" I told him I left Milwaukee about 12:00pm and have been driving about six hours. Then he said to me, "You should have stopped along the way and gotten out of your vehicle and just walked around a little. It would have kept you from getting sleepy." Then he said, "You know, you could have gotten in an accident, and someone could have been killed." Then he asked me, "Where are you headed for?" I told him where I was going (which was only about fifteen miles away). He then said to me, "You will be ok now, it will not take long to get there." The officer did not give me a ticket. He gave me back my drivers license and let me go.

Voice from Heaven 1979

Shortly after I received Jesus as my LORD and Savior, I experienced a wonderful supernatural manifestation of the power of God in my life. I had just received the LORD into my life on a Thursday evening. The following Sunday, in the afternoon, I was sitting on my davenport, watching television. I just wanted to relax for a while after finishing the noon meal.

As I sat on the davenport, all of a sudden I found myself standing in the clouds above the earth. I looked down on the earth below and saw all the property I owned. I saw people in the Olympics, diving from a high tower into a pool below, simply to receive a metal for their accomplishments. As I looked up from the cloud I was standing on, I saw a bright light shining down from above. I heard a voice say to me, "All of this will pass away, the only thing that will matter is your relationship to Me." That voice I heard, I was sure it was the LORD speaking to me.

After I heard the voice, I was suddenly back in my body on the davenport in my living room. This experience took some time. For, while I was up in the clouds, my youngest son came into the house and asked for the keys to my vehicle, to get my tools to fix his bicycle. He told me, he first came in to ask me for the keys, but he could not awake me. So, knowing I would not mind him using the tools in my vehicle, he took the keys out of my pocket. Then he went and got the tools. When he came back into the house to give me the keys back, he said, he still could not awake me. So, he put the keys back into my pocket and went out to work on his bicycle.

After I came back into my body, I saw my two sons working on their bicycles and I wondered, how did they get the tools out of my vehicle? After asking them, that is when my youngest son told me, he could not awake me to ask me for the keys, and later, he could not awake me to tell me he had the tools.

Auto Engine/Battery Failure, April 15, 2009

I went out to start my automobile to go to the Post Office to mail some letters. When I turned the key to start the engine all I got was a clicking sound. The starter would not engage and turn the engine. I cleaned the battery posts to make sure I had a good connection. That did not help. Then I put on a battery charger and let it charge up the battery for about an hour and a half.

I knew the battery was over eight years old so I decided I would go and get a new battery. After charging up the battery, I started the automobile to drive about nine miles to a place where I could get a new battery. The automobile started good, but it would not idle. Every time I let up on the gas peddle the engine would stop. I did not want to wait and try to find out why the engine would not idle so I started driving.

Each time I came to a stop, the engine would stop running. After about the third time the engine stopped I said to the LORD, "LORD, I need this engine to keep running. LORD, I thank You that this engine is working and there is nothing wrong with this engine. Thank You, Jesus." When I got to the place where I wanted to get the new battery, as I pulled into the parking space the engine quit running. I left it parked there and went in to buy a new battery.

When I came out with the new battery, I did not install it at the time, but just put it in the back of my automobile and started the engine and drove to another location about five miles away to get something from another store. I noticed when I drove to the other location the engine did not stop running when I stopped at a stop sign. When I parked in the parking lot at the other store the engine kept on idling and did not stop until I shut off the key.

After coming out of the store, I turned the key to start the engine and the battery was down and the starter would not engage to turn the engine over. I put in the new battery, and started the engine. The engine ran very good, and did not stop when I took my foot off of the gas peddle to stop at a stop sign. The engine kept running good all the way home. The next day the engine started good and the engine ran good wherever I went.

The LORD took care of the problem I had with the engine not idling when I took my foot off the gas peddle. Following that, I was talking to a friend about what happened. He said to me, "You should check a few things on the engine to be sure everything is ok." I said to him, "Don't try to get me to undue what the LORD already did. The LORD took care of the problem for me when I prayed. I am not going to undue what the LORD did. The engine is working good. I'm going to keep it that way."

When we pray and ask the LORD to do something for us, we should not go back and try to do it ourselves. Faith tells us it is already done, and just thank the LORD and keep on going.

Joyce J. Tooth.

One day I was on my way to do some errands and I met a sister in the LORD on the way. She said to me, "I'm on my way to a dentist, I have pain in one of my teeth." I did not say anything to her about not going to the dentist. I just left her do what she was doing. Later that day I saw her again and I said to her "What did the dentist say was wrong"? She said "The dentist took an x-ray and said there was a hairline crack in one of her teeth." I asked her, "What did you do about it"? She said, she didn't do anything. The Dentist told her that she had two choices, one was, she could have it pulled. The other one was she could have a root canal done.

I said to her, why don't we pray over it. She said to me, "Will you pray for me"? I said, "Sure." I laid my hand on the side of her face and prayed in the Spirit for a minute or so. Then I spoke words, saying something like this, "In the Name of Jesus I command this tooth to be whole. I command healing in this tooth in Jesus's Name. Thank you Jesus. It is done."

A week or so later I met her again and I asked her how her tooth was. She told me she did not have any pain since I prayed for her. A year or so later I asked her again, "How is you tooth, have you ever had any pain in it since last year"? She said, "It's fine, I haven't had any pain since you prayed for it a year or so ago."

Spiritual Attack, April, 2009

During the night I had a spiritual attack. I awoke kicking at demons in my bedroom. In the morning after getting up, while I was taking a shower, I noticed that when I was washing my leg, I did not have any feeling in my leg bone between the knee and the ankle on my right leg. It felt like the bone was dead. Yet, I did not have any lack of circulation in my foot. Therefore, I thought it was not a blocked blood vessel. I didn't know what it was or why I did not have any feeling in that part of my leg.

After taking my shower I started to pray in the Spirit, and ask the Holy Spirit what is causing the problem in my leg. For some reason or other, I did not seem to get a clear answer as to what the cause was. I kept commanding healing in my leg, but nothing was happening. Then I mentioned it to a brother in the LORD and he called a chiropractor friend of his and mentioned it to him. His friend said to tell me to put a cold pack on my back. I didn't do that, but that evening as I was laying in bed on my right side, and I began to turn over to lay on my left side, as I turned there was a sharp pain in my back just above the pelvic bone and a loud pop sound. By this I knew, the problem in my leg was caused by something in my lower back.

I began commanding healing in my lower back. I did not just command healing once. I commanded healing a number of times, for days. It seemed nothing happened at first. But I continued to command healing in my back every day. About a week later I noticed that the area where it seemed the bone in my leg was dead began to have feeling again. Every time I thought about that bone in my leg, I would command healing in my lower back. After about a month everything was back to normal. There was total feeling in my leg. I did not go to a doctor or chiropractor and I did not take any medication. I just continually commanded healing in my back until I had the evidence that I was healed.

Engine knocking

I had purchased a new Ford Van in 1976. I drove that vehicle for many years. One time, while driving on the Highway, the engine began to knock. It sounded like a rod bearing. I already had about 179,000 miles on that vehicle. I did most of the repair work myself. The LORD always helped me when I didn't know what to do. I was still learning how to use the name of Jesus in situations in life.

While I was driving I heard the knocking in the engine, I said, "In the name of Jesus, I command this engine to stop knocking. I thank You Jesus." I continued to drive down the Highway. About fifteen minutes later I noticed the engine was not knocking. I never did do anything with the engine concerning the knocking. It was working fine, without any knocking noise.

I continued to drive that vehicle until it was at about 197.000 miles. Then I gave it to a boys home, where they repair vehicles and resell them.

My GOD is Real

Christians should be experiencing the Love, Grace, and Power of God in their lives daily. Testimonies like those in this book should be happening in the lives of every Christian. Daily, we should be experiencing God working in our lives according to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.

Jesus made many statements that indicate that Christians should be experiencing the supernatural manifestations of God in their lives. Jesus said in John 14:12, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." Jesus also said in Mark 16:17,18, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues...They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

To be a Christian, one must believe the words that Jesus spoke. What Jesus said, should be happening in the lives of all Christians, not just a few. Yet, there are many Christians who hardly ever see God working in their lives, healing the sick, casting out devils, speaking in tongue, etc. These things should be common and in our lives daily.

Yet, the Bible tells us of many things that cause Christians to not experience the power of God and the manifestations of the Word of God in their lives. Many have been subject to the teachings of men, and have not been taught by God. Jesus said in John 6:45, "It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me." Being taught by men is not the same as being taught by the Holy Spirit. God does use men and women to teach in the body of Christ. But, that does not eliminate or replace the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

We need people in the Body of Christ to help us, and teach us certain things. That is why the LORD put into the Body of Christ the five-fold ministries. "Babes and Children" in Christ need someone to help them learn how to be taught by God. They need to grow and mature in faith until they can become "Sons of God," mature in the things of God. Trying to live only on the milk of the Word will not bring us to maturity in Christ (Heb. 5:12-14).

If you are truly a Christian, you should have a desire to become mature in Christ, and experience God working in your life on a daily basis. Jesus said, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Every Christian needs to be doing the will of God the Father, not just hearing about the will of God.

Every Christian should have many testimonies of what God is doing and has been doing in their life. It is the testimonies of what God is doing in a Christians life that helps the Holy Spirit draw others to the LORD, and become born again and mature in Christ Jesus. If Christians do not have many testimonies of what God is doing in their lives, they need to find out why?

It was the testimonies of what Jesus was doing that drew multitudes to Jesus. Wherever Jesus went people came to Him, because of the testimonies of those who had come to Him, and received from Him. When people heard that Jesus was healing the sick they came to receive healing (Matt. 9:18, 20; Mark 10:46-53). This is the way God draws people to Jesus, by the testimonies of those who have experienced the Love, Grace, and Power of God in their lives.

Hands For Jesus, Inc., has Web sites, reaching into all the world with testimonies and teachings that will help many come to the LORD and become true Children of God for all eternity. This is the purpose of what we are doing, and continue to do.

We are here to do all we can to get the truth of the Word of God into the world, that the Holy Spirit can use it to draw many to our LORD Jesus Christ, that they also may spend eternity with us in heaven. Everything on our Web sites is FREE. Just as Jesus said in Matthew 10:8, "...freely ye have received, freely give." Everything we have received, we received it from God, freely. Therefore, we make it available free to everyone over the Internet.

For those who have not experienced the true manifestations of God in their lives similar to the testimonies in this book, I would encourage them to seek the LORD for greater manifestations in their lives. "Do not seek the manifestations, but seek the LORD, and the manifestations will follow you."

Learn what to do, to receive from the LORD all that is ours in Christ Jesus. Whatsoever God has promised His Children in the New Covenant is for those who are in Christ. If you are not positive that you are in Christ, you can make sure right now.

Because God is Love, and does not force anyone to do anything, we must do what God has revealed to us in the Bible. That is, first we must "receive Jesus Christ into our lives personally." Each person, themselves, must become born again before God can save them from eternity in hell.

In John 1:11,12 it says, "He came unto his own, and his own received him not...But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name." Many people have been told by some who said they were Christians, and said they are called of God as a Pastor, that when they were baptized as an infant, they were born again. That is not true. That is not what the Bible says. Do not believe those who teach things that do not agree with the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21.

God is a "personal God," and He requires a personal relationship and fellowship with each individual. Therefore, each individual person must make a decision themselves, if they will believe the Gospel and receive Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior. "No one else can do it for you."

The Bible says, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God..." When it says, "But as many as received him...," this means only those who personally receive Jesus themselves. Do not be deceived and believe a lie. Those who believe a lie could spend eternity in hell, simply because they did not believe the truth. It is simple, just do what it says and ask Jesus to come into your life personally, and become your LORD and Savior. Do it today, if you have not done it already. Do not listen to anyone who says someone else did it for you. Do what the Bible says. "Believe in your heart" and pray:

"LORD Jesus, I know that You are the Son of God. I know that You died on the cross for me. I know that God raised You from the dead.

Jesus, forgive me of all my sins, wash me clean in Your blood; that I may be the righteousness of God in You. Thank You, Jesus!

Jesus, I ask You to come into my life? Live Your life in me! Let Your will be done in me! Let the will of God be done in my life as it was in Your life. I surrender my life to You, Jesus!

You lead me by Your Spirit and I will follow to the best of my ability. I will live for You all the days of my life, as You lead me by Your Spirit.

I receive You now, as my LORD, and SAVIOR for all eternity. I will be with You here on earth, and I will be with You in heaven, forever and ever. I will give You all the Glory. It is for You that I will live forever. Amen."

From this day forward, study the Bible daily, and become a doer of the Word of God, not just a hearer only.

Then also, Jesus said we should receive the Holy Spirit with power, to be witnesses unto Jesus. Jesus said in Acts 1:5, "For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence." Then Jesus said in Acts 1:8. "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

No matter where we are on this earth, we need the power to become witnesses unto Jesus. That power comes when we receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. To receive this power, from your heart, pray a prayer similar to the follow:

"Jesus, You said in Mark 16:17, that in Your name I can cast out devils.

Satan, in the name of Jesus' I cast you out of my mind. You have no authority over my mind. My mind is clear of all demonic oppression in Jesus' name.

Father, according to Your Word in Luke 11:13, You promised me the Holy Spirit if I ask. Father, I am now asking You to give me the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Your heavenly language. I receive Him from You now, in Jesus' name."

Continue to pray in your new tongue, praise and worship the Father in His heavenly language.

These two necessary things everyone must do to receive the power to live a godly life for Jesus here on earth, and hereafter in heaven. Once you are truly born again into the body of Christ, you must continue in Him until the end.

There is a major difference between being born into this world and being born again in Christ Jesus. Those who do not understand the difference will easily be deceived by the spirits of this world working through many who say they are Christians, yet, the evidence of the testimonies is not in their lives. Without the evidence, who is to know if they are truly born again? What they say, is not evidence. There should be many testimonies to prove they are truly born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit with the power to manifest the evidence in their lives.

If there is anything Hands For Jesus, Inc. can do to help those who need help in their Christian life, write to us. (Our Post Office Address is on the first page of this book). Let us know what your situation is? We will do all we can to help you receive from God all that He has promised you in His Word.

Christians helping Christians is the way the LORD has set up the whole Body of Christ here on earth. If you need help, and are not getting help from where you are, let us know. Let us all work together to glorify our LORD Jesus Christ, and bring honor and respect among all those who are in Christ Jesus.

This Book, "My GOD is Real, Testimonies Part 1" is only the first book in this series. There are many others in this series. Get all the books in this series and "let the Holy Spirit teach you how you can experience the true manifestations of the Word of God in your life."

This series of Books, will be added to our Web sites in the near future. They are free by downloading from our Web sites. There are also many other books and other information FREE, on our Web sites. Take advantage of all that is available to you. It will help you to establish your faith in God, and continue in Christ Jesus until the end.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:12-14, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold...But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved...And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Be sure that you are one of those who will continue until the end. Be sure you are one of those who will be taking the gospel into all the world for a witness unto all nations.

We are doing what we can, and are willing to help you do what you can. Let us forever walk with the LORD, being led by the Holy Spirit in everything we do.

For help in doing the will of God in your life, go to our Web sites, and download whatsoever you need to grow and mature in Christ Jesus. Go to: