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November 24, 2008



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Jesus said in Mark 9:23, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." This booklet is written to encourage Christians to believe the Word of God. The Word of God is true, and it does accomplish all that it says.

The testimonies in this booklet are shortened to include as many as possible in a small amount of space. For more details on these testimonies, go to our Web sites at and and download as many of the free books as you wish. More details on these testimonies are included in many of the books on the Web sites.

The names of individuals involved in these testimonies are at times left out purposely. In some cases the initials of these individuals have been used. By these, many who know me and those I have had associations with, may recognize who these individuals are.

Be encouraged as you read and learn to believe the Word of God in your life also. Then help others to learn to believe the Word of God. God is love, and He desires to work in everyone's lives the same way He has worked in the lives of those mentioned in this booklet.

When you finish reading this booklet, pass it on to someone else, that they may also read it and learn to believe the Word of God and receive. Those who believe will receive.


In 1979 I was born again. I believed that Jesus was Who the Bible says He is. I received Him into my life as my LORD and Savior. My whole life changed. My thinking and my desires changed completely. I wanted to get to know all I could about the LORD and do what He wanted me to do.

In the early 1980's my oldest daughter had gotten into an automobile accident. A large piece of steel slid along the side of her car and hit her arm as it went by. Someone called me from the hospital, stating that she was there in the emergency room. After the doctors had checked her out, they told her that there were no broken bones, but her arm was so damaged that she would not be able to use her left hand for about two weeks. All the ligaments and tendons were damaged in the area where her arm was hit. She was a keypunch operator and could not work without full use of her hands.

After she left the hospital, I asked her to come over to my house. After speaking to her about the damage to her arm, I said to her, "the LORD wants to heal you, right here, right now, is that ok with you?" She said "sure!" Then I commanded healing "in Jesus' name" from the tips of her fingers to her shoulder.

I asked her if she felt anything? She said she felt something funny in her arm. I knew the LORD had healed her arm. When we checked it, it was totally healed. She went back to work the very next day.

Another time, she had lost a set of keys to her car, but she did nothing about it. She just kept using the one set she still had. Then one day, after grocery shopping she parked her car and took in the groceries to put them away. As she was putting the groceries away, she looked out the window and her car was gone. She called me and then called the police.

I prayed for her car, saying, "Holy Spirit, You know where her car is. I am asking You to stop her car and help her get it back, Thank You Jesus." It was about six o'clock in the evening when her car was stolen. The police spotted her car about six-thirty, parked about thirty blocks away. They watched it all night and called her about six o'clock the next morning to come and get her car.

God knows everything, and when we ask the LORD or the Holy Spirit to help us, we get what we ask for. In the book of James 4:2 it says, " have not, because ye ask not." Many Christians go through life lacking those things they have need of, simply because they do not ask the LORD when they have a need.

As the years went by, I learned a lot more about praying and commanding "in Jesus' name." One day my son had injured his back while helping me. We went down into my basement to pray. I told him, "I'm going to command healing in your back, in Jesus' name. From this time on, don't let the devil steal your healing from you." I commanded healing in Jesus' name and we went back upstairs. I didn't say any more to him about his back for about a week. When I asked him, he said he was totally healed and has not had any problems with his back since that day.

The more we exercise our faith the better things get. The LORD answers prayer when we believe. One day I was carrying a television chassis out of a large apartment building. I struck my left foot against a concrete block in the doorway. I broke one toe on my left foot. I drove home and took off my shoe. When I saw the black and blue marks, the swelling, and felt the pain my mind started receiving thoughts of going to a doctor. From within my spirit it came to me, "you don't have to do that, by His stripes you are healed, He bore your sickness and infirmities, tell the devil to take a jump." Immediately I said, "Devil get out, I don't need this and you can't put this on me, by His stripes I am healed." "Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bore my sickness, so you can go take a jump. Thank You Jesus."

My foot was very sore all that day, but it didn't stop me from going out to dinner and a movie. The next day all the pain was gone. Within three days, the black and blue marks were gone. There was no evidence of it ever being broken. The LORD honors those who believe His Word.

One time I had a growth on my finger. It was there and growing for about two weeks. One day, I was praying in the Spirit, while driving down the road, and out of my spirit came these words, "Why don't you curse the roots on that growth and command it to die and fall off?" I immediately cursed the roots in Jesus' name and commanded them to die and that growth to fall off.

Nothing seemed to change for about a month. Yet, I noticed it didn't get any larger. After about a month, the growth fell off. There was not even a mark where it had been. The Word works, if we believe.

Over the years the more I used my faith the better things got. The more we believe the more we receive. When I had a need, I would pray for myself. Sometimes I would ask others to pray for me also. The LORD always answered our prayers.

One evening in the 90's my brother who lived in California called me about midnight our time. He had read one of my books called "You Can Be Healed." He asked me to pray for him to stop smoking. I was very sleepy. I really don't know what I prayed. Later he told me that when I prayed for him, a heat like oil went over him and he never smoked another cigarette since. When we believe, the LORD answers our prayers.

One evening D. S. came over to my house. When she came, she mentioned that she needed a folding chair to sit upon. She said she had a stiff leg for about four years and at the time she had pain in that leg. Before she left that evening I prayed for her leg, and instructed her to not let the thoughts in her mind or the pain stop her from receiving her healing.

The very next morning she called and left a message on my answering machine saying that all the stiffness and pain were gone. A month later she called to tell me that she had not had any stiffness or pain since that day.

Many, many times in the past years I would pray for people who had short legs at one time or another. At first I would command their legs to come out. Now, all I need to do is look at their legs and thank and praise the LORD, their legs come right out and adjust to the right length.

One day J. J. mentioned to me that she had pain in a tooth and had gone to a dentist. An x-ray was taken and she was told she had a hairline crack in one tooth. Her choice was, have it pulled, or have a root canal done.

I laid my hand on her face and commanded healing in that tooth "in Jesus' name." That was many months ago, and she has not had a toothache since. When we believe, the LORD answers our prayers.

One day, many years ago I burned my hand on a cake pan, taking it out of the oven. My son came running into the kitchen. He could smell the odor of burned flesh. I just said, "thank You Jesus, for healing my hand." About four hours later I looked at my hand and there was not even a mark where the burn had been.

One day I was speaking to C. S. on the telephone and he told me he had pain on his lower right side, just above his hip. When he would get in or out of bed it felt like a cutting pain. He had talked to someone where he works and they said they thought it was kidney-stones.

I told him, it doesn't make any difference what it is, the LORD already took all his sicknesses and diseases upon Himself, and by His stripes we are healed. Over the telephone I prayed for him, commanding healing in his body. Some of the pain left, but some stayed. About two weeks later I went to his house. At that time I laid my hand upon him and commanded healing in Jesus' name. That was a long time ago, and he said he has not had that pain since. Those who will believe, will receive.

What I like about this individual is that I started teaching him how to lay hands upon himself for healing. A short time later I was talking to him and he mentioned that he had pain in his chest. He laid his hand upon his chest and prayed. The pain left and never came back. This is the way the LORD said we should do it. It's good that we can pray for others and see them get healed. But we should also be able to pray for ourselves and receive our healing also. Those who believe will receive.

The LORD honors our faith when we learn to pray for ourselves. This same person, months later, was healed from a condition he had for years.

Years ago it started with getting cramps in his upper thigh. One time he was in the bedroom when he got a cramp in his upper thigh and passed out. He fell against the corner of a dresser and broke a rib. Another time he was in the bathroom and got a cramp in his upper thigh and passed out. He fell and hit his head against the shower door. He was laying down and bleeding from his head. He had to have his wife help him. After that, He started to use an ointment to bring heat to his leg to ease the cramps.

After he learned to pray for himself, it happened again. He got the cramp in his upper leg and he knew what is was. It was very painful, and his wife was there praying for him. She asked if she should get him some ointment for his leg. He said, "No, the LORD is healing me now, I don't need the ointment." When he made a firm stand that "the LORD was his healer" and refused the ointment, he said a warmth came over his whole body, the pain went away, and he was healed.

It is when we believe the Word of God, and stand on the Word, that the LORD honors our faith. He received his healing because he believed.

Christians must learn to pray for themselves, not always looking for someone else to pray for them. One time I got up in the morning and had pain in my lower back. I knew how to ask the LORD to adjust my legs, and I did that. Most of the pain left, but I could still feel some pain for a short time.

A week or so later I had pain again, in my lower back. Again, I asked the LORD to adjust my legs and He did. That same day, the pain came back again, and I asked the LORD to adjust my legs again, and He did.

The next day I had pain in my lower back again. This time I said, "devil, that's enough, I'm not putting up with this any more." I laid my right hand on my lower back and commanded healing in my back "in Jesus' name." Within hours all the pain was gone and I have not had pain in my lower back since that day.

Sometimes, we must come to the understanding, whatsoever we ask the LORD to do, He will do it. Adjustments are fine, and they do help. But, what I really needed is healing, not just an adjustment.

One time, on a Saturday evening I got a chill. It was in September, when the weather starts changing. I didn't think anything of it, and just put on another blanket and went to bed. The next morning, when I got up, I tried to take a drink and my stomach became upset. I started throwing up all sorts of liquid. Then I got the hick-ups and could not stop them. The only way I could stop the hick-ups was to lay flat on my back.

I started praying and meditating on the Word of God. Nothing helped, every time I tried to get up, I would start to hick-up. Every time I tried to drink or eat I would throw-up. I called two or three others to pray for me. Yet, nothing changed. I just keep getting worse instead of better. By Monday morning I was getting a fever also.

In the afternoon I had to cancel an appointment, I didn't feel I could leave the house and didn't know what kind of sickness or disease I had. At that time there was much talk about a chicken disease spreading in all parts of the world. I didn't know if that is what I had or not. I got out of bed about three o'clock in the afternoon and talked on the telephone. I noticed that I didn't have the hick-ups at the time. I read out loud a prayer I had written in one of my books. When I finished reading the prayer I noticed I was thirsty and thought within myself, why am I thirsty, I haven't been able to drink for a day and a half?

I mixed up a soda and Ice cream drink, and drank the whole thing with no problem. Then I did that again a second time. I was totally healed, with no side effects.

When we believe, we must also trust in the LORD. It's not always done the same way, but the Word of God never fails if we believe.

One evening a friend came over for prayer. He had a lump in his throat and could hardly swallow. I explained healing to him and then commanded healing in Jesus' name. Before he left that evening I noticed he was getting better. The next day about noon he called me. He had just finished eating a large meal and was going out to exercise. He believed, and received healing.

The LORD has many ways in which He answers prayer and heals whatsoever we have need of. One time I was taking some friends back to where they were from (about fifty miles away). It was early in the morning, and another person went along with me. Just as I got on the expressway to come back I started to get sharp pains in my upper left chest. They were like electricity shocks, from my heart, going up toward my shoulder. They kept getting worse and they started going through my shoulder and down my arm. My left arm started to get numb.

I mentioned to the person with me that I thought I was getting a heart attack. She said, "I know!" By that time we were both praying in the Spirit. I pulled off the road and asked her to drive. Within minutes the pain stopped, and my arm was fine. This happened slightly once more that evening about midnight. I prayed, thanked the LORD and went to bed. I have not had that type of pain since. That was in the spring of 2002. We must believe, and then the LORD will bring our healing.

There are many, many times when I received answers to my prayers over the years. The more we believe the Word of God the more answers we get. It's great to see others healed when we pray for them, but it is also great to get answers when we pray for ourselves. Those who believe will receive.

On a Friday, my foot started to get sore between two of my toes. By Saturday morning, it started to swell, and got so sore that it was hard to walk.

About that time the thoughts came to me that maybe I should go to a Drug Store and get something to put on it to relieve the pain and help with healing. (That is what I used to do before I learned that Jesus took my sicknesses and diseases to the Cross of Calvary for me). Just as the thought come to my mind, I said out loud, "Satan, you cannot put this on me, by Jesus' stripes I am healed, thank You Jesus for healing me, Amen." Even though it was very sore, I decided I was going to walk on it, because I was already healed by Jesus' stripes. I left my house and walked about two blocks away. As I was walking the pain left, the swelling went down, but some of the soreness was still there.

Sunday morning, there were still indications of where the sore was, but no pain or soreness. By Tuesday morning there was not even a mark where the sore had been.

Its not just healing for our bodies, it's whatsoever we ask. The LORD is willing to help us in every area of our lives.

One time my telephone was giving me problems. It started with hearing others talk in the background. Then it got to where that when someone would call, I would get only a half a ring and the telephone would go dead.

I called the telephone company and reported it. They said it should be working within twenty-four hours. A day later I noticed it was much better. About three days later a telephone company service man called me and said they were working on my line and they said there was a short showing up on their computer. They wanted to come into my house and look for the short. I didn't have linebacker insurance, and would normally have to pay if they found something wrong in my house.

I told the service man that my telephone seemed to be working good at the time, and I would rather he just let it go. That was on a Thursday. On the following Sunday the condition of the half-ring happened again. This time, I prayed and said, "LORD, You know what the problem is, and You know how to fix it. I ask You now to fix it for me, Thank You." From that day on I have not had another problem with my telephone. The LORD fixed it for me!

One time, years ago I had a home mortgage with a company out of state. There were always problems with the payments I was sending in. They were not keeping records the way my papers said they should.

I only had the loan for about two years, and I went to a bank to refinance it for me. My papers specified that if I paid off the loan in less than five years there would be a two months interest penalty (about $800.). Yet, the company I was with insisted that there was a penalty of about $2,500 for prepayment.

The bank tried to tell them it was only two months interest. They had the bank send them copies of the loan. They still were not satisfied, and insisted that it was about $2,500. Then I talked with them and I had to send them copies of the same papers the bank sent them. They still insisted that it was about $2,500, not two months interest.

After talking to the second or third person and getting no where, I prayed. "Father, You show them that it is only two months interest, not $2,500. Thank You." Within ten minutes the telephone rang and it was the last person I had talked to. She said, "we found our mistake and it is only two months interest." She sent out a new final payoff statement.

It pays to pray. God always answers when we believe when we pray.

I was in the television repair business when I got born again. Shortly after that I began to understand that the LORD wants to help us. He wants us to ask Him, and then He will help us.

I spent many hours a day reading my Bible and praying. By this I would get behind on the repairing of the television sets that were brought in. Then the thought came to me, why not ask the LORD to help me repair the television sets? So I started to lay my hands upon the television sets before I opened them up. I would pray, "LORD, You know what is wrong with this TV, show me what to do!" By the time I opened up the television set, I knew just what part or parts were not working. I would replace the parts and the set would be working in a matter of minutes. Jobs that would normally take me hours to repair only took minutes.

The LORD is interested in every area of our lives, and He will answer our prayers if we will believe.

In the Bible we are told in the New Testament, "the just shall live by faith" (Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11, Heb. 10:38). Faith is believing, when there is no natural evidence. Faith is from the time we believe until the manifestation comes. Therefore, we are told to live by faith, "believing that what we prayed for has already been done, and to continue to believe until it manifests."

This is totally different from the way we lived before we were born again. Christians are to live and walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7).

Hands For Jesus, Inc. wants to help anyone who needs help in learning how to please God by faith. "For without faith it is impossible to please God" (Heb. 11:6). If you need help in your walk of faith, contact Hands For Jesus, Inc. Write to us at our Post Office Box address, or go to our Web sites and download as many free books as you so desire.

Pray and ask the LORD. He will help you if you will believe. Jesus said in Mark 9:23, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."