Angels appear to president of Hands For Jesus!


We only share this testimony to encourage others, to “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth” (Col. 3:2).  God is not a respecter of persons, but He does want us to know and understand that the things in the spiritual realm are real. The Word of God is True, and God will confirm His Word with signs following.

August 19, 2003, it was about 7:00 PM and I was about to go to bed. The temperature in the house was about 85 degrees and outside it was about 79 degrees. So I had two fans running in the windows, blowing cooler air into the house. I was ready to go to bed. I only had my house coat on when I thought I best not go to bed yet, but rather lay in the living room for a while, then shut the fans off before going to bed.

I laid down on the davenport for about a half - hour and fell asleep. While sleeping I felt someone grab my foot. I jumped and said, Hey! I looked, and beside the davenport, by my feet stood two angels dressed in US Army combat uniform. They did not have any weapons, and only a small dress cap on their head. They stood near my feet looking at me (about four feet from my face). There was no fear, and they did not look as though they intended to do anything but look at me. They stood there like two people waiting for someone to take their picture.

I looked them over very carefully, from the combat boots up to the top of their heads. They did not have any identification on them, no rank, no name tag, none-whatsoever. They were both about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. They were both white completion. One had blond hair the other one had black hair. They were clean shaven, no mustache, no beard. Their uniform had a perfect press, as if it had just come from a dry-cleaners. Then I was staring in their faces to see if I might know who they were, I did not recognize either one as someone I knew. They never said a word to me and I did not try to speak to them. After a few seconds of me looking at them and them looking at me they disappeared.

I did not have any fear, no coldness like if it were demons, no idea at all that they were there to cause me any harm, whatsoever. I had “total peace” all the time. After they disappeared I got up and looked around the house to see if there was anything I could see that they would have appeared to warn me about, like a gas leak or unlocked door, or something. I did not find anything wrong anywhere. At the time, all I could figure out was they just wanted me to know they were there protecting me from any danger.

After sharing this with many other Christians in the body of Christ, one brother in the LORD, who had served time in the Army; told me, the uniform and the cap I saw was that of “special forces.” He said, they do not carry any identification, but are specially trained to do specific duties.

Praise God! It’s exciting to know the LORD loves us so, that He will even send “special forces” to us when we need them. Now, it’s also exciting to know, the LORD does not just send angels to those who are someone great in the body of Christ, but even to someone like myself; the least of all the brethren.  

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Yours in Christ, Merle E. Koepke